Chris Pfeiffer F800R changes BMW's attitude

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A pipe and slippers are to BMW what Werther’s Originals are to your Grandma. At least that’s the old stereotype that the German company is now desperately trying to reverse. Witness the BMW F800R Chris Pfeiffer, a replica of the factory-sponsored stunt rider’s own machine. Little more than cosmetic modifications – red, white and blue paint; stickers; flyscreen delete; LED indicators; a white front wheel; a red spring on the shock; an Akropovic exhaust and Pfeiffer’s signature under the clearcoat –it nevertheless draws a clear lineage between between the world of stunt riding and BMW’s showroom. At least to European showrooms, the BMW F800R isn’t available in America.


  • the_doctor

    That BMW analogy is fantastic. Or, was fantastic.

    Wes, I noticed you got some Ford advertisements on the site. Are we In The Money now?

    • Wes Siler

      Gettin’ there.

  • jconli1

    also check out what Chris “Teach” Mcneil is doing… he’s the American Pfeiffer. He’s performed at the BMWMOA rally (no, seriously!), and at BMW shops all over North America.

    I really think BMW’s quest to gain sport market share is hindered by their not bringing that F800R (or the K13R) stateside.

  • Avboden

    Lets not forget about RACING!!!

    Steve Kennedy, from Chesapeake, Virginia is riding his own race prepared F80 in several classes. He’s had several podiums and several 1st place finishes.