CR&S Duu takes 'two' too literally

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The second bike from Milanese firm CR&S (Cafe Racers & Superbikes) displaces 2,000cc, uses two cylinders and is rumored to weigh in around 200kg (dry). Get the drift? Duu translates to “two” in Milan’s local dialect, which makes the bike the perfect sequal to the CR&S Vun (one). Depending on how you look at it, both CR&S bikes represent a contemporary, hand-made, high end (the Vun starts around $17,000) take on the cafe racer or a v-twin take on the streetfighter. Expect to see this bike debut at EICMA in November.

CR&S via Moto-Station

  • steaminSteven

    hot damn that thing looks like fun!

  • nick r

    funny, I thought it kinda looked like hell

  • Ray

    Oh this is original. Exactly what I was thinking. Hey Grant, you should start a motorcycle company in Nawlins and make a few of these…