Dave Grohl, huckster for 2010 Harley Street Glide Trike

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I clearly remember playing hooky from school, sitting in front of the television at my grandparent’s house and watching the VJ tell me, “We just got this brand new video in with tattooed cheerleaders from some band out of Seattle called Nirvana. It’s pretty cool, so check it out.” Needless to say, this latest bit of marketing from Harley is kicking my inner 16-year old square in the crotch. Hard. Shamelessly putting his sales-cap on, Grohl states with all seriousness, “spend two minutes with this thing, and it’s pretty much the most fun you’ve ever had… It handles really well… and it looks badass.” If he’d said that about the Harley XR1200X or the Iron 883, I might have been okay with him selling out since he wouldn’t have been lying through his teeth. But the Street Glide Trike?!?


  • http://bolty.net Stacy

    Why, I’m going to run out and buy me one of those fun moto-trisickles right now!

    Gonna pretend that big fairing is my steed’s Super Anti-Missile Shield and make “PEW! PEW!” noises while lasers shoot out the headlights as I carve a sick line through some wicked twisties.

    Two minutes of badassery, indeed.

  • sam

    ahhhh i always had so much respect for the guy too. this is wrong…..just wrong.

  • vic

    he likes harley’s and he owns quite a few(no vintage models,no xr..hmm) and i bet he was quoting his wife but the video has another piece of interesting information..so the biggest task for harley R&D is that the bike sounds right and invests millions in a uber-proffesional sound studio(even Dave was amazed and i bet he’s seen a couple of impressive studios in his day)..that sort of puts things in perspective :)

  • aeolus

    OK, so motorcycling is 90% bullshit nowadays. You know that and I know that. But in days of yore 3 wheel Harleys were used as economical delivery beasts and for fetching and returning the Caddies, Packards and La Salles from the owners to the dealerships for service (cars in those days needed a lot of servicing). Those cars had real bumpers and the trike would be attached to it.

  • http://bolty.net Stacy

    Ahh, so they appealed to his audio sensibilities.

    The more mentions of the XR — in the media, on blogs, or in comments — the better. Of all the bikes in the HD lineup, the XR is the one with the best chance of getting someone to consider a Harley who would have otherwise dismissed the idea out of hand.

    • http://ridethetorquecurve.blogspot.com hoyt

      The majority of the riding footage is of that very nice RoadKing, where you can see Dave Grohl leaning.

      There is definitely a gap between the message and the suggested product.

      Wouldn’t a sidecar rig be more effective in enticing someone like Dave’s wife (who is concerned about safety) to the motorcycle world, while not subjecting a rider to a trike?

      If the rig is easy to disassemble, you now have 2 wheels when you want. Can’t do that on those eye sore trikes.

      Safety? Watching someone steer a trike around a 90 degree turn makes you wonder about those things. Sidecar rigs manage those better too.

      HD has a patent application for a leaning, front-wheeled trike, but the drawings illustrate a completely different look. Ironically, that look would does a 180 & probably would appeal more to the Dave Grohl audience.

  • zanon

    Trikes are wrong

  • http://sacinstereo.blogspot.com codyk

    I’m curious how many other manufacturers would allow this many F-bombs in an official advertisement.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      There was probably a seven “fuck” minimum in Dave’s contract. I was disappointed by the lack of panties.

  • http://soldout.com Soichiro

    You sold out when you made this website.

  • Oscar

    Dave Grohl is just now selling out? I guess during Nirvana’s heyday he performed only for the joy of making art.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Grant Ray

      Using the weight and capabilities of major labels to promote and distribute your music is not selling out. That’s just using a bit of business savvy to continue a profession. Using celebrity status to peddle a distinctly separate corporate product with no affiliation to your rock commodity (for the likely purpose of personal financial gain) is.

      • Oscar

        Given that one inevitably leads to the other, criticizing any multi-millionaire “artist” for selling out is silly.

  • http://www.myspace.com/bndgkmf bndgkmf

    It’s not selling out it’s buying in.

  • martin

    Kurt killed himself the day Dave took the trike to the studio!

  • geonerd

    thanks a lot guys. dammit.

  • Botswana Meat Commission FC

    I’ve done a good bit of riding this summer and i have to say, there are an absolute SHIT TON of trikes out there. I don’t know if it’s always been like that, but it seems like a growing trend, especially among the gray hairs.

    That said, no one under 70 has any damn excuse for a fucking trike!

    • Si

      > That said, no one under 70 has any damn excuse for a fucking trike!

      One leg?

    • John Rine

      Okay…I am 7 months away from being 70 and survived a stage 4+ cancer 5 years ago…I just bought a Harley Street Glide Trike…can I still be a Bro?

      • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Grant Ray

        John, guys like you can do whatever in the hell you want without giving a damn what anyone else says.

  • I'M An Upstart

    buy a proper bike and a proper helmet!

  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

    You know Grant, I think you’re biased by your former life as a Nirvana fan in your article here. Sure, it’s easy to accuse Grohl of selling out, but the larger truth could simply be that he’s just really, really lame.

    • http://www.suspectsunlimited.com Cru Jones

      OH SNAP!

      Oh, and poor form Dave Grohl…poor form.

  • ridingdirtymaui

    If I can forgive him for knocking my beer as he went to the stage at a quotsa show, I should be able to forgive him for this. As long as his music rocks, its all good…

  • fearnow

    Mazynard sums up the ‘selling out’ debate pretty well, IMO:

    “All you know about me is what I’ve sold you,
    Dumb fuck.
    I sold out long before you ever even heard my name.

    I sold my soul to make a record,
    Dip shit,
    And then you bought one.

    I’ve got some
    Advice for you, little buddy.
    Before you point your finger
    You should know that
    I’m the man,

    If I’m the fuckin’ man
    Then you’re the fuckin’ man as well
    So you can
    Point that fuckin’ finger up your ass.”

    Hooker with a Penis – Tool

  • mototom

    Life becomes a disappointment when you watch to much TV

  • chili sv

    Relax, it’s Dave Grohl not Kurt Cobain. If Kurt lived to do this then yeah go ahead and get your knickers in a twist. Dave is the guy that once got kicked out of the band because he wanted to spend more time working on his Camaro than rehearsing. He seems to genuinely like Harley and he’s been riding them for 20 years so I’ll give him some leeway on this one. It’s not like he’s hocking toothpaste.

    • Oscar

      So what if it had been Kurt Cobain, or if Grohl was hawking tooth paste? Nirvana was a band that sold records, which means it was primarily a business. It’s not as though there was or is anything sacred about it.

      • chili sv

        So what? At the height of their popularity the guy still rode the damned bus, carried his own luggage, lived in a relatively small house. He was punk to the core. If a painter sells a painting is he now primarily a business? DaVinci sold his art, what a douchebag, right? Grohl is a cool guy and a damned fine musician, but we can’t expect him to be Cobain.

        • Oscar

          No, genius. Da Vinci was not a “douchebag” for selling his art, and neither was Cobain and neither is Grohl for selling Harleys. It’s business. Stop treating it like something sacred.

          • chili sv

            Of course you’re right, Oscar. It’s a little known fact that the grave markers for both Da Vinci and Cobain share the same epitaph, “Here lies a businessman.” It seems the only way to be remembered as anything else is if you were homeless; gotta envy the homeless. But on second thought if a homeless person were fortunate enough to have a grave marker at all it would have to read, “Here lies a failed businessman.”

            • Oscar

              No, I believe Cobain’s gravestone reads something like, “Here lies a dumbass who blew his own head off”, which makes your slavish worship of him even more pathetic.

  • JR

    I think HD and HD trikes especially are the most polarizing topic here on HFL…

    …things get intense when trikes are mentioned around here.

    People like to ride what they like to ride. It’s better than a Prius right?

  • mototom

    I like trikes a lot. I can carry a lot of extra Depends so I don’t need to stop at drugs stores as frequently on long rides. Plus there is always extra room for my buddies colostomy bags.

  • Brainiac

    Dude, you ever look at your own advertisements? I mean I’ve always wanted to violently attack strangers but really didn’t know how until I saw the ads on HFL.

  • andy

    She said she’d ride on a Goldwing trike, but never says she’d get on that turd! “it’s pretty much the most fun you ever had.” I’d think for a f’ing rock star you’d have more fun that a trike. “Snorting coke off a dead hooker’s ass doesn’t hold a candle to this 65 horsepower!”