Details: Aprilia RSV4 crash pads

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Look how cool the crash pads on this Aprilia RSV4 are. Oh wait, you can’t see them. That’s because they’re so well integrated into the fairing’s design that you have to get up close just to see that they’re there.

Aprilia via Aprilia Forum 

  • Mitch

    Very cool. Nice on two levels: Aprilia obviously took them into account when designing the fairings, therefor the integrated look, and their low profile will help prevent pinwheeling in a crash, as tall frame sliders have been known to do.

  • Isaac

    I can see them. What is the journalist talking about. They are clear as day. They are very sweet too!

  • Sid

    Nice, It’s about time someone made some sliders that don’t have the aesthetic appeal of training wheels. I just wonder why it took so long.

  • Marco

    I think there’ll never be a perfectly designed slider: these would do an ample job in a relatively simple sliding low side; however a drop at 0 miles an hour parked you’ll see some damage inflicted where as the more traditional slider would aid in the situation. Kudos to Aprilia to making it good looking and functional