Film: BMW R75 Racer, Mid-Ohio



Film: BMW R75 Racer, Mid-Ohio

Leave the Works Engineering garage at 8pm. Drive all night piled in a van to the vintage races at Mid-Ohio. Tattered leathers? Got it. Shared helmets? Naturally. Untested BMW R75 sidecar racer bought two days before the race? You betcha. Oh, and never raced a sidecar before? Sure haven’t.

  • jconli1


  • Hobo Mike

    Looks like a blast! Where do I sign up?!

  • Harlo

    Excellent footage. That looks like some serious fun.

  • Stephen

    I like that you guys are taking sidecars seriously – although I am a little astonished that you didn’t take the Ural out there. Now that would have been fun.

  • will

    I’ve never understood sidecar racing like that until now. It’s like, “let’s make a three wheeled kart and stick someone on the side.”

    Brilliant! I’d love love love to see one of these GoPro POV bits for a good flat track race….

  • Alex

    Ural??/ the point is to win, not to plow the track

    • Stephen

      That’s pretty funny, I’ll have to remember that. I was joking about racing the Ural, by the way. Then again, if there was an off-road sidecar race – then the Gear Up or Patrol would be hard to beat.

    • IK
  • Dan K

    Nice! That’s the same sidecar racer they were showing off at the event last weekend, right? When I first saw it, I thought it used some crazy hub-center steering setup to get that low.. but no, that’s just the way things look when you cut the forks down to 6″ :)

    It’s funny to see how far the passenger has to hike out to keep things even on the turns. Maybe steal a page from sailboat racers and just install a hiking strap on the car’s floor? If they aren’t scared to dangle their heads a foot off the track, might as well go all the way with it.

    Relatedly, whoever took the final picture in the write-up of the Works shop a while back has quite an eye. When I make a mess, it isn’t half that stylish.

    • Kerry

      The front end is actually a honda CB swingarm cut down and the front shocks are Honda CB rear shocks. Nothing is left from the original BMW front end. Recently, Erik remeasured the front end and found the trail to be incorrect for a sidecar rig and that made the bike handle twitchy. Currently they are building a new front end for next season.

  • Divino

    Saw this at the bike show a couple of weekends back and thought to myself “man, whoever would race this is nuts”

    Cheers for actually doing it.

  • racerx

    nice job 1st time out! Fairbanks old outfit from Scott Brooks?

  • Sasha Pave

    Awesome video, well done!

  • brian c

    great stuff eric if these fool cameras worked at mosport we could really give them an eyefull , brian

  • Kate

    Cool video, that looks pretty incredible. Wish I could join in the fun.

  • A

    Hanging out there on a tiny perch, looks a lot like catamaran racing. Whoo. Love it.