How to win the TT on an RC45, by Steve Hislop

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Steve_Hislop_tt.jpgIn this video, Steve Hislop gives play-by-play commentary on his winning lap of the Isle of Man TT onboard a Honda RC45 (not the pictured Norton from ’92) in 1993. Hizzy won the TT a total of 11 times, the British 250cc championship once and the British Superbike championship twice before being killed in a helicopter accident in 2003. >

  • kawalser


    thank you for this.

  • RiderP5

    Ok, now I’m ready. Who wants to sponsor me? ;) Awesome video.

    Despite being nearly 20 years old and minutes slower than the current record, fast then still feels ludicrously fast now.

  • Steve

    mesmerizing, frightening. MC racers can never be paid enough. RIP Steve

  • CMC

    Just amazing.

  • amsterdam

    Great stuff.
    Never seen so much stuff; trees walls etc.
    fly by so close and so fast.
    I really think that’s part of the amazing sense of
    speed you get.
    Best motorcycle pov cam I’ve seen.

  • Case

    “Hook top gear just as you come into that little step there… It tends to keep the front wheel down.”

    Yes I can see that keeping the front wheel down at 140 MPH is a good idea. Awesome stuff.

    In other Isle of Man videos I’ve watched they use the expression “a real man’s corner” – that’s any corner taken flat-out in top gear. They all look like ‘real man’s corners’ to me.

    Hislop won the TT 11 times, probably ran hundreds of laps there, not to mention all his other races and laps and time on the bike. Then he was killed in a helicopter crash. There’s a lesson there…

  • Ben Part

    The sound of the Norton (in the photo) on song, is unforgetable. I was on the island in ’92.

    Mike Hailwood won 9 motorcycle world championships, and the IOM TT 14 times. He was killed in a car accident on the way to the chippy. There’s a lesson there…