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You caught a glimpse of the Icon Speed Cretin last week, riding the wall of death, but here it is in glorious studio photography. Rekindling an old flame, Icon built the Cretin up from a ’76 Yamaha TT500 that’d been languishing in the back of a shed. What was intended to be a quick and dirty supermoto quickly became something else when the Katana front end got attached to the frame with nearly vertical rake, the YZ490 swingarm went on upside down and a front caliper off a ‘Busa somehow found its way onto the rear disc. Like everything else from icon it’s over the top, but strangely appealing. Full specs below.  >

Frame  1976 Yamaha TT500

Engine  1976 Yamaha TT500

Exhaust  Vintage Supertrapp

Front End  1990 Suzuki Katana 600

Swingarm  Inverted 1985 Yamaha YZ490
Rear shock  Unknown

Front Wheel/Tire  1990 Suzuki GSX600/Pirelli Dragon Slick 120/70 R17

Rear Wheel/Tire  Reverse Mounted Suzuki TL1000/Pirellie Dragon Slick 180/55 R17

Rear Brake  Suzuki GSXR Front Calipe/Suzuki Hayabusa Front Rotor/Faith

Rear Sprocket  Vortex

Gas Tank  1976 Yamaha TT500

Tail Section  Airtech

Seat Pan  Handcrafted Canadian Maple

Headlight  Double C-Cell Schwinn Repop

Handlebars  2002 Honda Reflex 250

Controls  Found Objects

Sissy Bar  Schwinn Repop

Brakelines  Goodridge Braided Brakelines

Chain  Parts Unlimited 520

Paint  Paul Comeau Painting

Powdercoating  Color FX, Inc


Icon’s Speed Cretin gear is available on Amazon
  • http://twitter.com/greatistheworld will

    It isn’t strange why that’s ridiculously appealing at all.

  • http://www.vintagefactory.com/bike_gallery.htm Tex

    Lose the sissy bar and put some lower handlebars on it!

    • M.P.


  • Kerry

    I think it is confused about what it wants to be when it grows up – which is why it appeals to the 16 year old hooligan in me that was similalrly confused.

    reminds me of a schwinn pea picker muscle bike – or rather what I saw in my head everytime my hormone laden mid-early-puberty self looked at a schwinn pea picker.

  • smokey Cretin #9

    I am still kinda ticked off that a company that makes gear for fashion heads, not riders, called this line “anything-Cretin”.

  • http://tanshanomi.com Tanshanomi

    It looks as if they pulled random parts out of the salvage bin and threw them against the bike to see what would stick. What a confused mess.

  • beatpusher

    Really Smokey Cretin? Please define “real rider”.

  • Ken

    Most enjoyable, particularly since no one has to ride it.
    How about that paint work though? Craftsmanship like that’s wasted on comedy.

    • http://cohobot.blogspot.com/ coho

      Craftsmanship is never a waste, and we humans require comedy or we go crazy and die.

  • SeaTac

    Strange and appealing….right on!

    Beatpusher, a real rider is one that that purchases a motorcycle for it’s intended purpose of transportation, obeys the speed limit and other posted directives as shown in the DMV handbook. A real rider is a conformist, one that cannot distinguish themselves from others and blends into the crowd and follows suit.
    If these are definitions of a real rider, it is something I never want to be…… :-)

    Also, not all “Cretins” dislike or share the animosity towards Icon. Cool gear! Keep it coming.

  • chili sv

    I think I dreamed about this in 1976.