Interactive graphic: 25 years of superbike development

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Tom_Cruise_Motorcycle.jpgEver wondered what two and a half decades of reduced weight and increased power looks like? Well, thanks to the interactive chart below the jump, you now do, probably in far more detail than you thought possible.

As this graphic is currently setup, weight is on the vertical axis,
horsepower is on the horizontal and torque is represented by the size
of the bubbles. The year is controlled by the slider at the bottom. You can click through various layers of data and change
the parameters to suit your liking.

Where possible, all this data was provided by the manufacturers and is
quoted as dry weights (with the exception of recent Suzuki and Yamahas,
where the companies have switched to quoting wet figures) and crank
horsepower. The data represents figures for a given manufacturer’s
top-of-the-line superbike, so in the case of Ducati, that’s the 996R,
999R, 1098R etc.

The best part is, this is an open project. If you feel there’s an
omission or error, you can edit the data in this Google document or
leave a comment here and we’ll fix it.

Special thanks to Ivar at for compiling all this data. 

  • Mat

    Interesting how noticeable the weight increase is after 2005 due to more strict emission standards. Might take a while before we see the more power/less weight progression of the early 2000′s.

  • Case

    This is fascinating. Very interesting to see the way the graph changes after 2005 (aftermarket exhaust, anyone?). Also, what happened to Ducati in between 2002 and 2003? Is that when they went from the 998 to the 1098? I’m too lazy to look it up but their plot trends one way and then makes a sharp move towards substantially improved performance starting in 2003.

  • ryan

    Interesting graph, spoiled by a pathetic, hyperactive midget with little man syndrome.

  • Giggidy

    Can we se a graph of 25 years of Tom Cruise Development?

    • Stephen

      C’mon, how interesting would a straight line be?

    • ryan

      Its a straight line from crazy, to batshit crazy.

  • fetherston

    Even more interesting is you can see the tie downs near the front fender holding the GPZ down to a trailer.

    • uberbox

      i wonder if tom has his desmo rr strapped to a trailer when he “rides” it.

    • hoyt

      c’mon, stand up on the pegs like you do on your Hellcat. You can do it.

  • Chopper

    The Tiedowns are classic! I’ll never look at that movie the same now!

    • FL420

      Hate to break this to you but there’s no Santa Clause either.

  • nick

    Tie downs!!??!
    Aw…. part of my childhood just died.

  • Yuri

    Well, there’s the tiedowns, and then there’s the fact that it looks like he’s got a good, tight grip on his clutch lever… He may be an insufferable douchebag, but the man can act I’ll give him that.

    • fetherston

      Yeah, who man-fists the clutch lever like that anyway? Two fingers, TWO FINGERS!

      Back on topic: What’s the thought on a similar graph like this but for Moto GP bikes starting from 1985, maybe?

  • codyk

    This is the coolest thing ever. Good job, guys.

  • SEntRa

    Hate to admit it, but I definitely thought of this scene the first time I rode past an airport on a bike and felt (unjustifiably) like a bad-ass. Granted, the bike was rented, and the airport hosted small commuter prop planes, not jet fighters, but at least I can have some satisfaction knowing I actually rode the bike past said airport.

    Me: 1 Tom Cruise: 0

  • Cynic

    Yikes, just spent 15 minutes playing with the graph…
    Very cool, and fun!
    (and because someone asked-2003 Ducati came out with the 999)

  • Core

    Wow, this was a pretty nifty chart.

    • Core

      Honda doesn’t seem to fluctuate all that much, in weight or horse power…

      It’s like they picked this area and just stuck with it.

  • Jim Byrd

    I want to give kudos to the person who did this. As a retired computer programmer (known today as a software engineer for the type of work I use to do) I really appreciate his/her skills.