Jorge Lorenzo crashes in Dainese airbag suit

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Lorenzo_Crash_Airbag.jpgBoth Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo have been wearing Dainese D-Air leathers in races since last month, but last weekend’s MotoGP round at Brno was the first time either rider has crashed while wearing the airbag-equipped suit. It’s impossible to definitively declare that the airbag is responsible for Lorenzo walking away injury-free, but doing so is a rare occurrence for the crash-prone Spaniard.

While the in-suit airbag (unlike previous versions, there’s nothing
visible on the exterior, the suit just gets bigger when the bag
inflates) did deploy correctly, it didn’t deflate as intended; taking
15 minutes instead of the programmed 10 seconds to do so. Had Lorenzo’s
bike not been disabled in the crash, the inflated suit would have
prevented him from rejoining the race. Dainese continues to refine the
D-Air system using data from Lorenzo and Rossi’s experience with it.

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  • Case

    Could it be that injuries were prevented by his inflated ego? Ahh, I kid.

    I especially liked the part of the video starting at the 23 sec mark: you can see Rossi on the inside and then it’s a bust-up.

  • carlos

    maybe i’m the only one that finds it funny, but could you imagine the arguments from the riders, suddenly twice their size, angry about why one guy caused the others crash?

    on the vid it looked like jorge was taking some advice from barry bonds.

  • Hiwatt Scott

    There’s a Michelin Man joke in here somewhere…

  • geonerd

    I was wondering about this. I didn’t realize there was an interior design, so I’ve been thinking all along that it didn’t actually deploy.

    Couldn’t have hurt. I’m all for it, and if I had the cash to throw down on something like this, I’d definitely do it.

  • motardjunkie

    Downside of using a set of leathers with an airbag you need to re set it after each crash. and liability on that would make it VERY expensive.

    so every time you lowside on a trackday add in an extra 500 bones.

    no thanks.

    great for racing but not for street or casual trackday use

    • Grant Ray

      Motardjunkie, the D-Air is still way off from seeing production in street gear, much less suits for all factory supported racers. Less than a handful of racers are being allowed to test at the moment. I’m betting the suit was meant to deflate but had a malfunction. That said, the prototype suit’s performance was a huge success. It saved Lorenzo from his 50th trip to the Clinica Mobile. Eventually, the same refined tech will be saving lives on the street.

  • MotoM

    If Dainese offered technically capable suits, they wouldn’t have to include airbags. Weeeeaaaak.

  • Matthew

    I like the direction this is headed. I foresee a combination of the in-suit air bag and that jelly stuff that gets rigid when sharply impacted that is being tested/used in bullet proof vests. Maybe some traditional materials mixed in there to keep costs down.

  • General Apathy

    Is the above photo doctored (no pun intended)? Pedrosa was nowhere near Jorge and Rossi when this happened..

  • BubbaZ

    Must be dude, Rossi was gone before Lorenzo hit the deck