Mat Mladin retires from AMA Pro Racing

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Mat Mladin has had enough of the ridiculous rules, unprofessional management and extreme disorganization of AMA Pro Racing. The six-time champion will be retiring at the end of this season. Despite speculation that he would follow Ben Spies to SBK, Mladin says the retirement is from all racing. He’s also planning to sit out this weekend’s  American Superbike race in Topeka over safety concerns.
Regarding Topeka, Mladin says, “So Topeka today! 170mph turn 1 and you
can hit the concrete with your shoulder, which leads to turn 2 head on
into concrete which leads to turn 3 where a wall has removed and if you
run off the track you go into a 10ft deep ditch. The track seem willing
to do work but the wrong people are advising what to do and
unfortunately I do not wish to die or be busted up waiting for that
work to be done. Some riders are saying that the work will happen in
stages. It’s the reason why some places we go now are still bad.
Because riders wont stand up and be counted. Amazing how great they can
ride a bike but be the most gutless people I have ever known.

Mladin has also attacked racing publications like Road Racing World for
failing to ask the tough questions of AMA Pro Racing, “These r the
journo’s that really cause the probs. By bringing up 12 month old

The racer owns Bike Gear Warehouse, a successful motorcycle business in
his native Australia. It’s  expected that he’ll return to running that
at the end of this season.

via Mat Mladin and Superbike Planet

  • mjk

    gutsy talk, and so fresh. don’t know the first thing about US racing scene, but the man sounds like he’s living in the real world

    • generic1776

      Oh the US racing scene is quick and easy to learn about! No worries.

      Watch a NASCAR race from the 60′s then watch one from last year.

      The owners of the US series (same family that owns NASCAR) is attempting to make Superbike like NASCAR.

      There are “rumors” that if Superbike had more bikes exploding against walls, like NASCAR, we would get a higher attendance from 6-pack Joe, who only wants to see a race turn into a demolition derby.

  • Paul

    I’m not a big Mladin fan, and his dominance did get old in the past, but I respect his decision and how outspoken he’s been this season. These new rules are crap, but I expected as much with DMG running things. Unfortunately, I think American road racing has a bleak future. I kinda wish the manufacturers, via the MIC, would have went ahead with their plans to create a new series…

    USSB Championship

    I mean, just look at WSB, is it really hard to copy that format and make it work here… that would be my first step. I think that’s the best racing in the world right now.

  • ryan


    Mat was always way too good for a shitty excuse for a superbike series as the AMA. HE was levels above the rest of the competition, and yet didn’t push the envelope. THe guy still has my utmost respect for making such a decision to be loyal to a team and series paying him good money in the hope that it would get better.

    Its pretty easy to see after the shitstorm when that wanker of a race official lambasted the racer for following the rules of the series.

    Clearly not all yanks are like this, but it is unfortunate that such series must be dumbed down to the lowest common denominator every single bloody time. Nascar is a terrible excuse for racing, as is indy. It would be a shame to see something which is the only one of its type fail, simply because the average idiot wants to see death and blood.

  • EJ25RUN

    Mat would be more than welcome in the World Superbike series. I think he should go over there considering he was able to beat Ben Spies on many occasions and Ben is dominating the series. (I am a Nori Haga fan btw)

    I think the AMA needs to realzie DMG ownership is the worst decision they have ever made.

  • PJ

    MM. Good riddance. The racing will be better without him. In fact, the racing action on the track has been outstanding. Good job Eslick and Pegram at Heartland Park yesterday.

  • Mark Morrison

    As soon as Mladin started road racing, it marked him as a phenom since he began winning almost immediately taking the Australian 250 Production championship in 1991 and following that up with the Australian Superbike championship the very next year on a Team Kawasaki Australia ZXR750. The next year he was a factory 500GP racer.

    Just pause for a second to absorb all that. Imagine you started road-racing this year and in 2011 you had a MotoGP ride racing with Valentino Rossi and company?

    I have a tribute to his career at

  • missingpieces

    Mladin: class, DMG: ass.

  • NEMO

    Mr mladin.
    I am curious why you schedule a test day/safety check 3 weeks before the tornado nationals in Heartland park Topeka on a tuesday, an appt. made by you. Tuesday rolls around and you cancel. So you make another appt. this time a short 2 days before you qualify at HPT and you yet again cancel. Then you come to the track run 1 session if that and ATTACK our race track and your fellow riders. Now correct me if I’m wrong but are you not the “spineless” one Mr Mladin? It seems your fame and glory makes you forget if it wasn’t for the rules, officials, and management you would have never been able to race in the first place. So I would advise you Mr. Mladin to “think before you speak” and maybe not ATTACK people when if you would have stuck to your appt. in the first place you would have had no excuse to not race.

    • Grant Ray

      NEMO, Mladin actually praised the Heartland Park Topeka for being willing to make changes and goes on to infer their hands are tied.

      • NEMO

        I know he understood we were willing to change things but if he understood we wanted to do as much as we could to make it safe why did he pull out? I personally talked to the other riders off the record lol actually why they were out on the track if they wrecked or had mechanicals and most of them said it was too technical of a track for him. Even peagram said it was nice to race a track that was more than a fast straight. Idk I just wish he would have came to his safety apt. and this never would have happened. Also i agree it will be sad if he quits but truly I would expect nothing less from him.

  • bwfc

    NEMO, looking at your AMA series from this side of the pond. It would appear he and other rides get to race “In Spite off” the management etc rather than “Becuase of”. You sure as hell know how to destroy a good race series.

  • the_doctor

    Wow, I thought that Mladin would race AMA Superbike forever. I am glad that he has decided to move on from the AMA series, mostly because its shit, but sad to see him completely retire from racing altogether. Mladin is a truly talented rider, and I always wondered why he would never move up to SBK or MotoGP.

  • Jeff Daws

    Mat who. Let the whiny arrogant bastard leave. I wish he wouldn’t even complete the season. He is without a doubt one of the most talented riders out there but he is also the most egotistical narcistic arrogant riders out there. He’s bad for the sport and if you are an everyday fan and have tried to approach him at a race I think you’ll agree.

    So long. Go back to whence you came.

    • g.romay

      Jeff, what Mat is saying is the truth, thats what really matters and thats whats best for the sport, you should listen and pay attention, because its irrelevant if he hurt your feelings that day you approached him.

    • Jeremy Dillon

      This is the truth about Mat, great rider, but every track I go and watch live he is arrogant to people and kids. His mom should slap him. Hopefully he raises his kids to demonstrate more respect than he shows toward others. At Heartland Park race track he threatened to punch Larry Pegram and I wish the Larry would knocked him out. Too Bad. I wish he wouldn’t finish the season either. Don’t let the door hit in the a** out the way back to Australia.

  • Bushy

    NEMO, you really are the biggest fool I have ever heard from. “More than a fast straight” Mladin is the best cornering rider out there. Thats where he wins his races. He’s made every rider out there look shit, they had to ride in a hope of catching Mat. When you or any of the other riders win 85 races then speak……till then shut up…!

  • JohnnyC

    I never understood what Mladin was doing in AMA Superbike for that long to begin with. Who can honestly say they care about or watch it anyway? Even though he’s getting old I bet he would still be racing if he were in MotoGP or WSBK (read: Capirossi, Biaggi, etc). Ben Spies couldn’t have switched at a better time IMO…