Moto Morini Granpasso-based motard spied in Italy

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Looks like Moto Morini is getting in on the giant supermoto game by sticking 17s and sticky rubber on the Granpasso adventure tourer. That creates a pretty diverse range for a manufacturer as small as Moto Morini; in all our travels we’ve never even seen one.
Start counting and this bike gives the company eight bikes, all built
around the same steel trellis frame and 1187cc water-cooled v-twin. The
only differentiation is spec and styling, with on-road models like the
1200 Sport being differentiated from off-road bikes like the Scrambler
only by engine and suspension tuning and tires.

Morini engineers revealed to that, like the Granpasso,
the Motard will use the 118bhp version of the engine, possibly with a
few tweaks. That puts it right in between the air-cooled Ducati
and the upcoming 1198-engined Ducati Strada Aperta.

We dig the funky styling created by stripping the windshield off the
Granpasso’s crazy front end, but somehow doubt we’ll ever have the
pleasure of being spooked by seeing it in our rearview mirror. Expect
an official unveil at EICMA in November. via Asphalt and Rubber

  • vic

    i ve seen a couple of corsaro’s over here ..looks a more polished speed triple but the 9 and a half is seriously cool looking
    i would make a motard based on the corsaro not on the scary looking grandpasso
    that engine is a masterpiece

  • Ceolwulf

    Now that’s a unique front end. I feel it needs to be green!

  • will

    Yes, a nice flat BRG would do. What an odd machine.

    Is Moto Morini officially in the states? Who are they affiliated with?

  • Zeitgeist

    Moto Morini used to be imported by a guy up in PA years ago. We had a few in San Francisco where I grew up. One guy had a Moto Morini Camel which was a Dakar bike about the same time the original Cagiva Elefants were around which is what I had. Someone actually stole the camel! We could never really figure out why other than maybe some crackhead from the projects but it was not found as far as I knew alotof those bikes ended up on the beach or ocean.

  • vic

    the front end reminds me of a type of venetian mask called Medico Della Peste

  • james

    Looks like Jar Jar Binx being doggied. Is this bike styled after the most hated Star War character of all time. I would have styled the bike after Darth Vader or that bounty hunter dude but not Jar Jar – if that was the design exercise. Doggied?—-The original Princess Leia. She was full of sass.

    • geonerd

      the first thing i thought of when the page loaded… mesa called jar jar granpasso.

      and coked up dungeon leia was hot.

  • coho

    Somebody chopped a wheel off a Piaggio Mp3 500.

  • Chris

    Why is it looking at me like that?

  • starwars neeeerd

    uh sorry james, you must be a kid.. the ‘tard is the spitting image of admiral ackbar…

    see what i mean? and who would want to ride him?