Orange County Choppers builds electric motorcycle, breaks the law

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OCC_Electric_Chopper.jpgIt looks like Siemens paid the Teutuls to build an electric chopper in order to promote the company’s Smart Grid charging technology. Flagrantly violating New York’s laws by failing to wear a helmet during his demo ride in an open-to-traffic Columbus Circle this morning, Paul Teutul Sr. described the experience as, “Awesome.” In an apparently unnoticed ironic twist, it appears that the nearly-silent chopper isn’t just quieter than a typical Orange County Chopper, it’s also faster. The official top speed is listed as 100mph.
“We wanted to build this unique chopper to raise environmental
awareness and reflect what the 69,000 employees of Siemens USA are
doing to help America stay on the cutting edge of tomorrow’s green
economy,” said Daryl Dulaney, President & CEO of Siemens Building
Technologies. The Siemens Smart Grid Charger is able to communicate
with the electrical grid, then charge batteries when demand for
electricity is low and therefore cheap.

In keeping with the Eco-friendly theme, the knuckle draggers at OCC
used water based paint and an unspecified amount of “recycled
materials” in the bike’s construction.

“Building an electric bike from recycled materials was something new
for us, but we definitely enjoyed the challenge and think that the end
product makes a great addition to our wide range of unique
motorcycles,” a PR flack wrote for Teutul Sr, going on to pretend that he
said, “While electric bikes probably won’t surpass traditional ones for
the foreseeable future, we also think that energy efficient
technologies are increasingly important for both manufacturers and

The chopper will appear an in episode of the inexplicably popular
American Chopper on TLC before being auctioned off to benefit charity.
Check out our Electric Motorcycles tag page for plenty of stories on
much cooler green technology.

via Christian Science Monitor

  • Gary Sideburn

    Siemens? Semen

  • HerbL

    O.K., I really do understand your OCC bashing, but come on…..that really is one good looking electric vehicle. Just one issue though. One would need plenty of green to purchase that ‘green’ beauty.

  • jwinter

    This guy breaks the laws of good taste constantly. One helmet law is a piss in the ocean by comparison.

    I like the “inexplicably popular” bit too.

  • hoyt

    think of the OCC tv audience…if that crowd can begin to think about alt energy, we are getting somewhere.

  • Case

    electric + crap = electric crap
    Let’s hope these clowns get back to doing what they’re good at: shouting at one another and building crap bikes.

  • Ceolwulf

    That moustache should be all the protection anyone needs!

  • SJY

    That may be the best looking electric bike we’ve ever seen.

  • Dr.Danger

    I work for Siemens and there were talking about this a while back. Thought it was a little strange but it looks like the bike turned out really well.

  • Brammofan

    “Flack.” I had to look it up. I bow to your precise and elegant use of the English language.

    • Ben(pi)

      Isn’t “PR flack” redundant?

      • brad

        yes it is

  • Richard

    When will it end??? And no, that is not the best looking electric bike, its a piece of gobbily goop. You want to see a good looking electric bike, check out the Mission.

    • SJY

      Your right the Mission is a good looking machine.

  • ollieboy

    wow. insanely ugly machine.

  • the_doctor

    Paul Teutul Sr. described the experience as, “Awesome.”

    Yes, not being bounced around like a paint can in a shaker CAN be quite awesome.

    Hehe, I bet the Teutuls were befuddled by the lack of an exhaust.

  • geonerd

    Christian Science Monitor?

    • Wes Siler

      Yes, Siemens will have leveraged its ad spend there to guarantee coverage of publicity stunts like this.

  • chili sv

    Too bad nothing in this article quite compares to the phrase, “…OCC, better known for its unique brand of father/son homoeroticism and lame choppers…” used in the OCC Ducati article. You did set a high bar with that one.

  • Adrian

    I thought American Chopper was dead and buried already with Paulie running off to run his girlfriend’s boutique…whipped.

    Anyho ,those a*sclowns break numerous laws whenever they take their latest billet barge / parade float out for its obligatory test ride after they have cobbled it together.

  • MrP

    Wes -

    “inexplicably popular”

    Watching those guys “build” a bike is like watching a monkey “make love” to a football.

    Your just can’t pull your eyes away from it.

  • zoran kralev

    halo halo halo halo halo…………..

  • Peter

    If I own a Harley Davidson, watch OCC on TV and race a Buell I would be quite popular with the Hell-for-Leather crowd. F all of you.

    • s0crates82

      Dude, it’s a blog. Blogs are, by nature editorial. If you don’t agree with the editorial opinion of an online publication, you’ve got two good options. One: don’t read it. Two: stick around, voice the contrary opinion, and perhaps change some minds while having a reasoned debate.

      Personally, I stopped watching American Chopper after I noticed that it’s just a bunch of dudes shouting at each other between ordering bike parts out of catalogs and bolting ‘em together.

      I’m not a big fan of new-bike-Harley culture because I can’t justify spending 20k+ on butt jewelry. I have way more respect for the guys that grab an Ironhead and tranny off of craigslist and cobble together something that’s affordable and that they can be proud of.

      I think Buells are neat, and I was very confused by the hullabaloo of discontinuing the Blast.

  • Wes Siler

    So you’re gullible, simple-minded a cheater and rude?

    • Peter

      Mr. Siler, you have made an accurate assessment of my personality. I was having a bad day yesterday. I’m having a helluva time installing a chrome velocity stack on my CVO Fat Bob.

  • Seymour

    Frankly, I think it is a little too “intelligent” looking to have been built by OCC. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a PR sham.

  • vic

    it serves it’s purpose as a publicity stunt
    i watched the show a couple of times,they have good craftsmen working there(that quiet guy,the redhead dude,and the one with a lot of body hair)but the products are..well they build theme bikes not road bikes..these are made to sit all shiny behind a glass case at some corporation HQ
    i don’t think i’ve ever seen them ride bikes other than to do a publicity stunt or for a test ride..although i did see them ride scooters a couple of times..that shows how much they like the bikes they make

  • Kurt

    I looked at the OCC site. Don’t like choppers, do not care for the OCC theme bikes but their SR Cruiser is a beautiful bike. Wow, I would even consider that – but it is probably way too much $. Harley should do a bike like that.

  • Brammofan

    Loving the comments. Speaking of which, is there any way you can implement a “subscribe to the comments” RSS feed for Hell for Leather? What? You expect me to remember to come back and view the comments? I’m supposed to be working.

  • jim

    Whining about helmet use again, I see. It’s so old. Find something else to bitch about besides helmets and Harleys. This website is lame.

    • s0crates82

      See my comment above about conflicting with editorial opinions.

      Personally, I’d recommend just taking a shotgun to your forehead and ending your own life that way instead of having your brains dashed out on the pavement and giving the rest of us a bad name because you’re too cool to wear a ball of styrofoam and plastic on your head.

      No, I don’t want you to die, I don’t want you kill yourself, I don’t want you to suffer permanent, debilitating brain damage and become a emotional and financial drag on those that now love you. I don’t want you to send a package of 00-shot through your head.

      I do want to know what reason you have for riding helmetless, and how it differs from my reasoning behind wearing a full-face helmet every time I ride.

      …or maybe I’ve been trolled.

      • Bootlegger69

        As for helmets like seat-belts, smoking, drugs, and alcohol, it is not the damn governments place nor should it be their right to decide who wears, does not wear, uses or does not use. I am not saying that it is an intelligent choice but the laws need to be banished. This is supposed to be a free country, that includes the right to do stupid things. I wear a full face and am damn glad I did when I laid it down, with one of those skull caps half of my face would have been on the asphalt. But that is my choice, the only laws like that should be for minors not adults. If we want to do stupid things we should be able to. The only laws in effect that makes sense of any of those I’ve mentioned is the DUI laws those I support.


    What a FAT waste of american but the bike is cool !!!

  • lago

    Is there anyone actually insane enough to test the 100mph top speed on a bike with a rigid rear suspension?

    • Kerry

      yes, just walk through the pits at the BUB meet at Bonneville or at Maxton and you will see plenty of rigid bikes. Hell, give it to me and I’ll test it – beats the hell out of my rigid turbo cb450 Land speed bike (that is currently in a million pieces).

  • zoran kralev

    halo halo halo……………..

  • Orange County Choppers

    perfect article , thanks

  • Leo

    This is insane.