Pardon me, might you have any Grey Poupon?

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Photos: Daniel Grund/Jorg Mitter/Red Bull Photofiles

In order to promote Saturday’s X-Fighters event at Battersea Power Station, Red Bull did this photo shoot at Stowe House. It looks like rider Chris Birch really upset the Duke of Buckingham’s tea time; we can only assume he really needed some mustard for his sandwich.


  • urban rider

    I’m so pissed we missed out on tickets for this. They are going for stupid money on ebay. Have fun those who are going.

  • Adrian

    Enough already with the lame Grey Poupon joke, I don’t know anybody in the UK who uses that stuff…although it is tasty, it is not a patch on Colman’s English Mustard.

  • vic

    i love #5..your helmet sir
    the product might be overpriced soda but for the briliant marketing and for the cool events that they sponsor red bull gets my vote