Photo: Colin Edwards unloads .50-cal

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Colin_Edwards_Machine_Gun.jpgColin Edwards firing a .50-caliber machine gun in a simulator at the U.S. Army’s Camp Atterbury. This is somehow meant to promote the Indianapolis GP.

via @CycleWorldMag

  • the_doctor

    In the military, they train you to make that face when shooting a .50-caliber machine gun. That’s why I never joined up.

  • dave

    no that’s a simulated ‘O’ face

  • Mitch

    Colin, like all those born in Texas, must fire a gun into the air every so often, much as the wolf must howl at the moon.

  • carlos

    First Nascar, then AMA, now MOTOGP. The National Guard, sponsoring racing every day.

  • General Apathy

    I have shot an M-2 like that one.. The face is an involuntary action.

  • geonerd

    No ear protection. Bad army!

  • YellowDucati

    Collin deserves some fun time after the last race.

  • Scott

    I’d rather see this then some advert for Ralph Lauren Sean John motorcycle perfume that Wes loves to post

  • drjohndee

    I reckon he’s shooting at a cardboard cutout of James Toseland there. Or the real thing. Would be hard to tell them apart.

  • rich

    What is it that Americans love so much about guns?

    • drjohndee

      An armed citizenry is much harder for a harsh regime to control. That was the original point of the right to bear arms — to protect yourself not from crack-fuelled muggers but from state oppression.

    • pdub

      The same thing so many love about motorcycles. Expressions of independence and freedom. That’s not cowboy flag waiving. Both require a great deal of responsibility to own and use safely. Both are tools of developing self mastery both physically and mentally. Both require an awareness of the fragility of life and and societal interactions. That’s just lightly touching on some reasons why Americans value their right to arms. Of course I’m only speaking of the 80 million or so responsible gun owners in America who never make the headlines of our hysterical news media. You’re probably referring to the way guns are portrayed in the media and entertainment trade. The If you are familiar with motorcycles as you probably are by coming here you may now understand. What if your government and/or some groups of scared fellow citizens told you it was too dangerous for private citizens to operate motor vehicles. Too many accidents are caused by reckless drivers. Only government and city vehicle operators are allowed to drive vehicles. Please surrender your motorcycle and we’ll give you a metro buss pass. How would you like that?

  • General Apathy

    Crack-fuelled mugger protection is just a bonus!