Photo Finish: whoa boy

Dailies -



Photo: Grant Ray

Wes attempts to tame the wild Piaggio MP3 500.

  • SJY

    Interesting….no road, two wheels in front, leg out, helmet up…interesting.

    • M.P.

      There’s a lesson here…

  • NotSteve

    Q: what do fat chicks and scooters have in common?

    • SJY

      A: everyone wants to ride em but no one wants to be seen on them…or something like that

  • JR

    haha awesome!

    show that scoot whose boss and she’ll reward you

  • DoctorNine

    Ur Doin It Wrong….

    Three wheelers for off-road, use two in back, not in front.
    Is this what happens after you live in France too long?

  • Ian

    Q: What do fat chicks and the Mp3 have in common?
    A: Fun they maybe but I don’t like looking at either of them. That things is seriously hideous.

  • Ben Part

    Wes are you wearing go-go boots with 3″ stacks?
    No wonder that thing wants to buck you off!

  • Zeitgeist

    A caption contest for this would of been pretty funny given the dryness of your readers. Here is mine,
    “Wow you really can’t lean these like a sportbike on a decreasing radius”

  • NTBH

    So Wes, how did it handle offroad?