Popular Mechanics tests 5 dual sports in Death Valley

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God-awful heat, sand tearing your flesh and burning your eyes, dust devils and buzzards. Popular Mechanics takes the MythBusters guys and a bunch of dirt bikes to Death Valley. Not fair.
  • Ty

    Thanks for noting this one, lads. Everyone who sees this piece online, PLEASE comment to Pop Mech at the end of the story and tell them you want more moto coverage. Whenever you see moto coverage in mainstream media (TV, print or online), take a moment and tell them what you liked about it. All too often, we see criticism from moto enthusiasts who find mistakes in the story. First give these mainstream journalists some credit and many thanks for taking a look at motorcycling at all. Correct negative falsehoods, (yes, there are dopey stories out there, too) but still be glad they are paying attention at all. They don’t have to. They’re often frightened to cover something outside their area of knowledge. The more moto coverage we get, for bikes, racing, commuting, adventures, saving green and being green, the bigger motorcycling can get, the more fun and interesting, varied bikes and gear and everything else will be out there for all of us. We’re a lot better off than we were in the ’60s and ’70s. We have to keep it going.

  • aeolus

    OK far as it went but there wasn’t any serious off road riding.

  • DoctorNine

    The last time I did that ride, it was solo on a street bike. Because my ordinary life is so hectic, I look forward to long stretches of desolation like this. Kicked off at about 09:00 in Shoshone, and rode the length of Death Valley in one day, in no particular hurry, stopping to walk around here and there, up to Tonopah. It was late May and the temp was still in the 120′s F. Haven’t been back to try it on a dual sport, but that really has to be the way to do it. As long as someone is packing a sat phone and GPS, that is. You won’t be able to walk out if someone’s machine breaks or gets hurt. Now that’s my idea of fun…

  • Mikey97D

    Great article! I like that Popular Mechanics covered a diverse range of bikes. Also the comments from the character’s riding added a nice taste.

  • http://www.mulliganmachine.blogspot.com CAPTAIN AWESOME

    i have seen more dual sports pop up in my area than ever. i think it is great that more people are appreciating the category for what it is. DUAL PURPOSE. commuting as well as the capability to go in extreme terrain somewhat effortlessly. that’s why my xt350 is the favorite of my stable. period.