Sachs MadAss 125 goes on sale in USA

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Sort of a cross between a scooter and a trials bike, the Sachs MadAss 125 is now on sale in America. Where the previous version used an anemic 50cc engine, this 11bhp  should actually be capable of getting out of its own way. With an engine based on the Honda Cub’s, the MadAss delivers a bulletproof 85-110mpg, but thanks to the 209lbs (wet) weight and high-spec chassis, it’ll be good for slicing up traffic, hopping curbs and pulling wheelies too.
There’s actually a couple of really neat technical solutions employed
by Sachs on the MadAss. By placing the swingarm, frame and shock in
parallel and locating the saddle at the end of an arm, impacts are sent
to the front suspension. That’s sort of the same idea as a Soft Ride
frame. Fuel is also carried in the frame.

Peirspeed is importing the bikes and, to our surprise, actually appears
to have a dealer network throughout the country. The MadAss 125 retails
for $2,699.

Peirspeed via The Scooter Scoop

  • aeolus

    this is the only Sachs I would want. It puts all the Deus crap in the shade.

  • the_doctor

    I will take one MadAss in yellow, please.

    Thank you.

  • Case

    That thing looks like a hell of a lot of fun. And it looks cool, too. I much prefer this style to the step-through.

  • tony starr

    the engine might be bulletproof but that’s where the reliability ends. these will start falling apart after the first bump on the road.

    • rik

      lol, not really. I am using this bike for 3 years now without any engine problems after 8k miles.
      ofcourse its china made so there are enough other problems.
      sachs is for 90% chinese and 10% german at the moment.

      tires are very bad, get yourself some pirelli’s or michelins
      carburator entrance can break easaly which leads to a not usabale throttle.
      dont tilt the bike with the buddy seat. plastic frame/buddy connector will brake right away!
      the gazolin tube from tank to carb is bended and almost closed to give enough petrol on full throtlle. better change the tube for a bigger one.
      what happens is obviously that the engine just quits….withing 1 minute at 55 mph.
      oilseals in frontsprings start to leak within a year, have to change them both.
      paintwork is bad. 1 year later it already has a pineapple skin. and we dont have that much sunny days in the netherlands..

      but the rest is ok. its a real fun bike.
      I was one of the first who oned one in the netherlands, ordered it a year before it was officially sold here.

      still got it and having fun.
      does 35km on a liter petrol.

      cheers, Rik, Haarlem, Netherlands

  • Design Ronin

    All over the place down here in Sydney. They are very cool, a cleaver bit of design and you take them a little more seriously than some of the scoters getting around.

    The Deus stuff is around quite a bit too. They I don’t take seriously at all as they can’t seem to figure out if they are a moto shop, a bastion of fixed gear bicycles for the Sydney scene, or a pseudo ‘surf’ brand for the middle age man that does not want to wear a Quicksilver T any more.

  • Design Ronin

    “…seriously than some of the [scooters] getting around.” sorry. :)

  • Patrick

    Do they import to Canada? And honestly, whoever thought ‘MadAss’ was a breakthrough in identity marketing is probably in the wrong field or fifteen years old.

  • Deltablues

    The name “Madass”…awesome IMHO. Only 2600 dollars…not bad. Only thing is here is crime ridden Little Rock, I would have to chain my Madass down like a mob stoolie to keep it from getting lifted.

  • chili sv

    She seems to have a firm yet delicate grip on the throttle. My affection for this bike is growing; visibly so.

  • Marcel

    Is that a true Honda motor or a Chinese knock-off.

    If it running a Honda motor then I’ll take one

  • Darek

    I rode a sachs 650 single roadster and that thing was pretty fun. This seems like an awesome idea. 200lbs…totally fits in my shed. who needs a dinky pit bike this is just a bit heavier.

  • Ken

    I’ve ridden one. They need decent power and a balancer shaft.
    And chicks DON’T dig them, but then that could’ve been me.
    I wouldn’t leave a motorcycle for one.

  • Scott

    wicked kewl

    love for my employer to let me store one in the building, could use the public transpo system

    otherwise, would be stolen in less the 10 minutes

  • El Diablo

    They might look cool but they rubbish, they are already on the road here in the southern part of Africa…

  • vic

    this is what i persuaded my[then] gf to buy for commuting in the city..i ended up riding it more than she did,
    i haven’t experienced any of the problems you guys talk about,except for rusty bolts,but i do live near the seaside and the bike was parked outside..i went on some pretty crap city roads on it&lots of riding in the sand, gravel even managed to drive it into the sea,and it’s seriously good for the money she paid for it(aprox 1300 euros new,125 cc) sadly it got stolen
    buy it,you won’t regret it(although you should bargain around the 2 grand mark)
    buy a top case and you’re all set
    ps:it looks seriously nice in person for what it is,especially the headlights which i used to tell people that they came from a 999r which was converted for track use :)

  • urban rider

    Come on? This is cool? Maybe if you are 14. It looks like a school Design & Technology project to me.

  • Core

    I look at this bike.. and I am honestly at a loss for adequate thought..
    Its so ugly.. I don’t know whether its like a pug where there so ugly its cute.. or if its just ugly.

    Maybe with some shrouding.. or some mods it would look sharper.

    It does grab my attention for some reason though..

  • coho

    It looks just enough like a mountain bike to catch the eye of the pre-driving-license set and it’s bike enough for a noob and “cooler” than a regular scooter.
    This would make an excellent first streetbike for a whole lot of people who would be intimidated by a more “motorcycle-looking” starter bike. (Someone commented to me the other day that my TW200 commuter bike was “really burly.” This is the MadAss’ potential customer base.)

    It could be the replacement for the Buell Blast.

  • Gregor Erdmann

    Ditto to the comments that they are crap.

    I rode a 125cc a while back and it was slow as and vibey as hell. I am only 60kg, but it pulled as if I was 200kg!

    Perhaps the dealer was trying to cheat me by selling me a 50cc relabelled as a 125cc… it was that bad.

    I might have to try one again in case there was something wrong with the other one I tried.

    Of course, if you are scared to travel faster than walking pace, it might be fine.

  • RIchard B

    These things have been popular among the urban gearheads in Milwaukee for a while now. I can’t speak to the reliability but I can say that, unlike most other scooters out there, you’ll never hear one going past and think “Damn, that weedwacker is making good time!” They actually sound sorta like real motorcycles.

  • moto-scoot bill

    the sachs madass 125 is a 60mph, 100mpg beauty of a design. it was made to function with ease on tight urban streets. this is a 219 lb. bike that gets you where you want to go in the city, and can even hold up on trails with a switch of tires.
    moto-scoot in milwaukee has sold hundreds of the 50cc madass, and these 125s are an absolute gas to ride. we have allot of serious big bike riders getting these as a fun townie bike, and every single owner says that they love their new madass.
    the bike is built! the madass handles supremely,and the 55watt lights and huge brakes are way ahead of the norm for this size bike.
    we have guys with 950 ktm adventure bikes, harley guys, and stunters all raving about their new madass 125s.
    people that knock them must just be haters, and jealous…..the madass 125 is rolling art.
    in fact one of our new madass 125 owners is a professor at art college center of design in cali.

  • Nick

    Hey whats the max speed on the 125cc? is there a 110cc? if so what the speed on that ?

  • Bill P

    The MadAss 125 is a cool bike. There is a couple of guys who are going to ride them from San Diego to D.C. this week. You can watch their journey on their blog.



  • Rick

    Hmmmm, these bike are just OK and nothing to rave about, I`ve found the seating far too high and having to lean foward to grip the handlebars is not good, so comfort scores a big fat ZERO!.

    Sachs are about 90% Chinese made (not confusing Sachs with the Gas Economee).

    Ive had this bike for a year now, and its had plenty of problems, too many to mention, Tip dont ride em on wet roads or leave them in damp places.

    Selling ASAP

  • William Didway

    Begging my responsible side to help me save for a madass, simply due to the fact this is the bike for me.