Schwantz To Ride Suzuki RGV500 at Indy GP

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Kevin_Schwantz_RGV500.jpg“Hearing that V4 two-stroke running around out here is going to be special.” Kevin Schwantz will be putting in a couple of demo laps on the Suzuki RGV500 he won the championship on in ’93 just before Sunday’s Indianapolis GP. There’ll also be a demonstration of Moto2 bikes on Saturday.


  • will

    Lucky Strikes livery, Suzukified?

  • Case

    Sweeeeeeet. Those bikes are famous for their unpredictable (read: non-linear) power delivery. I wonder if Scwhantz will give it the beans on his way around the track? I hope so.

    If Suzuki decided to offer the GSX-R1000 in the Lucky Strikes livery, a la the Repsol Honda, I would probably get a speeding ticket ON MY WAY to the dealer. It still looks fantastic 25+ years later.

    Conversely, I wouldn’t ride the GSX-R1000 in Rizla colors if you gave it to me for free. That thing is so ugly it ought to be against the law.

    • Case

      dur: 25+ not so much. Try 15+ years.
      math is hard.

    • ryan

      nope, you’re wrong

  • the_doctor

    Ah, the Maths is hard. I agree, seeing the Rizla Suziki’s makes my eyes hurt, but the Lucky Strike, oh man, I feel like an unfiltered Lucky myself.

  • Viceroy_Fizzlebottom

    Ah, the good ol days when alcohol and tobacco companies could still sponsor motorsports

  • beatpusher

    /me wants to ride it

  • Mark Morrison

    The official MotoGP site has put up a free video of Schwantz’s laps on his 1993 Lucky Strike Suzuki RGV500

  • Matthew

    What was way more interesting was Kenny Roberts riding his Yamaha TC 750 across town at the Indy Mile the night before.

  • http://69696969 Nick

    I had a chance to ride that exact bike in 94 being a bike journalist and it was one of my favorite rides. It was really hard keeping the front end down, on the gas. I would constantly find myself being extra careful not to chop the throttle crossing up exiting the turns. There was always a fine line from adrenaline rush to completely f—ing up. I now own a flawless RGV250 Lucky Strike replica because of that ride.