Steve McQueen: what I like in a bike and why

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McQueen_PopSci_1.jpg“Why does a movie star who just received $750,000 for making The Sand Pebbles for 20th Century-Fox spend his time cow trailing on a motorcycle? ‘It’s the clean smell of the desert in the morning. The satisfaction of setting up a rig and having it work perfectly in every way.’” 43 years ago Steve McQueen wrote a dirt bike comparison test for Popular Science. Here it is in its entirety.
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  • david

    that’s why I love you guys sometimes !

  • ducman

    Very cool! Thanks for digging this up. I love McQueen because he was a very ‘normal’ guy. Not arrogant and disgustingly self-absorbed like so many of today’s actors.

    I appreciate his comments about new riders, too. His advice to “learn to ride away from heavy traffic” and to always wear a helmet still ring very true.

  • Grail

    Thanks for posting the link back to knucklebuster. Was real stoked to find that article, happy to see a lot of people enjoying it.
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  • will

    There was a similar article he did for…I think it was Road & Track in the same period. Overall, he was a man who “got it”. Movie star or no, he understood his passion to the most primary level and expressed it well.

    Thanks for posting this HFL.

  • Botswana Meat Commission FC

    and “The Sand Pebbles” is a badass movie. Definitely McQueen’s most underrated.