This is what 30 years of progress looks like

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Progress_2.jpgThese graphs from French bike mag MotoRevue show thirty years of superbike development from 1978 to 2009. In case you don’t speak French, the vertical column on this graph is horsepower while on the one below it’s weight. The blip in the data round 2007 is due to the introduction of Euro3 emissions standards, the necessary exhaust catalysts boosted weight and reduced horsepower. As you can see, that’s no longer an issue.>

via MotoRevue

  • the_doctor

    I love Infographics. I love le infographix even more.

    Pretty impressive the weight drop from mid-80s to mid-90s, but the horsepower gains are ridiculous.

  • bzr

    What, no CB750?

  • area_educator

    Gah. They should really have done one, also, with weight vs power, labeling the individual data points.

    Neat graphs, though.

    According to this
    Going back to ’73 and the R90S would’ve given an interesting data point. Only 67 hp, but only 215 kg, too.

    • Wes Siler

      It’d be totally easy to start with, say, the Triumph Bonneville and work our way up with power and weight ratios. Any suggestions of the epochal bikes we should include?

      Triumph Bonneville, Honda CB750, Kawasaki H3….

      • the_doctor

        Turbo “Busa. Lets get nuts!

  • Bradicle

    I love how both show the brilliance of my newly acquired 2004 ZX-10R =)

    Intriguing data plot

  • amsterdam

    I say it should absolutely include the
    Ducati 916 and of course the
    Triumph Speed Triple 1050.
    You could also do a one brand graph and compare those, if you know what I mean.


    the robots are taking over. this proves it.

  • JR

    My bike has more Puissance than yours!

  • El Diablo

    Those graphs doesnt mean anything…

  • pdub

    That first graph could also be liter bikes totaled by owners with less than 5 years riding experience. X axis # of bikes per model year, y axis squids throughout the years.

  • Si

    I’m pretty sure similar charts where printed in UK’s on Performance Bikes magazine last year (without the new gixser obviously).

    Not that us Brits like to out do the frogs or out ;)