• http://Kennethseals.com Ken

    That’s one mean looking bull. But, it doesn’t evoke efficient, electric motorcycle. Hell, it doesn’t even make me think, “motorcycle”. This is way off in left field in my opinion. They’re not marketing these bikes as some sort of power house are they? Isn’t the idea that they’re electric, smooth, quiet, cutting edge, light, agile? Not very bull like.. Is this a joke? I’ll assume it is.

  • http://www.bikeexif.com Chris Hunter


    Totally wrong.

    Looks like the logo for a hypothetical Spanish cruiser brand.


  • drjohndee

    Maybe the bull’s saying, ‘Hey, now these guys have cancelled CO2, I can fart as much as I like! Result!!’

    Bad idea, and not even a good design. A lot like a silkscreen I did in an art class in 1984, actually. Weird.

  • http://sr500project.blogspot.com/ Anders

    Unless Brammo will start producing power tools, this is wrong. Are they afraid their electric bikes will be perceived as ‘feminine’ and needs an injection of maculinity?

  • JR

    I like how the bull’s head kind of looks like a motorcycle.

    I think it’s cool, and maybe they’re not trying to “evoke” any “emotions” with this logo. Maybe they just think it looks cool as hell.

    Should they have made their logo a dorky electric outlet or maybe a starbucks-esque coffee cup?… to “evoke” the emotions of the electric motorcycle market? Do they/we even know who comprises the electric motorcycle market yet?

    Just some thoughts; no negative energy intended.

    • http://blog.cfetherston.com fetherston

      As a designer who would have given his first born to work on a project like this, I am disappointed with the outcome. I hold on for the glimmer of hope that this might be the new logo.

      Even though their current identity is a little discordant with no official mark and lots of generic arrows and symbols, this is not a step in the right direction.

      “Looks cool as hell” is not a good enough reason to adopt a new logo. A logo should look cool as hell AND represent the ideals, product, market and history of the company.

      • JR

        I think I feel you on the ideal of a logo. Give me an example though? How does Ford’s emblem represent their ideals? Or Suzuki?

        I am not a designer, and I have no first born to give up ;)

        • http://blog.cfetherston.com fetherston

          Here’s an analysis on the new Buell logo:

          The new Buell logo was done fairly well, not amazing, but not bad (the Blast-crushing campaign is another story). This write-up, and other posts on that site, should give an idea of the research that goes into making a logo. Basically the designers look at the history of the company, its goals, its market and the overall feel of the brand and try to present this in a way that looks good.

          Also, not to be so deliberate about it as Generic1776 suggests. A tree or a power plug are too cliché and unsophisticated to work.

          Design is a world of subjective arguments! On initial glance this Brammo logo looks more at home on a sports team jersey. It’s tough to pass any more criticism than that without knowing more about the decisions that lead up to it.

          • JR

            No disrespect fetherston, but this sounds like an analysis that, while VERY pertinent to marketing buffs like yourself, may be overdoing it for the average person.

            If Brammo wants to be considered “cool” and not the “Apple iPod” of motorcycling, they shouldn’t have some kind of treehugging, kumbaya logo, like generic1776 suggests above.

            I’m not saying the bull/handlebars theme is the best, I’m just saying I think it could work at appealing to a younger audience such as myself. I don’t care what Jaguar was going for with the leaping Jaguar emblem on their cars; I just know it looks cool to me, and any associations I make to the logos culture and meaning come more from the cars themselves and the people who drive them.

            Most people I know don’t really consider the impact of typography and fonts and shades and shaping in a logo, or at least they don’t talk about noticing those things (maybe they/I notice them more than they/I realize…).

            All this said, my above rant is just a personal way of looking at branding and could be totally different for every person…. but isn’t that what makes us all special… ha!

            BTW I think the old Buell logo was cool, and I think the new one is cool as well. Right on Buell.

  • generic1776

    I think it is pretty cool.

    If the logo were “expressing ideals” it would be a picture of a motorcyclist hugging a tree, or the world hugging a motorcycle… or happy motorcycles holding hands around the world.


    While there are idealists that embrace electric for electric sake, if this is to take hold it needs to also be embraced by the high-school/college crowd who may have weak egos and peer pressure and public image exceed reason/ideals.

    For example. In the “enthusiest computing” arena, how many computers look like light-brite gone wrong?

    A bull’s head may be very successful.

  • nollid51

    They should have used the symbol omega. It’s a cool symbol, and it carries the electrical theme. It’s used for electrical resistance, so you could use it to project the upstart image too.

    Or stick with the bull and start making battery powered choppers.

  • IK

    Nice logo.
    But what’s up with the company?
    I thought they should have started selling bikes in July. Did they?

  • Ray

    Lightning bolts are pretty nice too, balancing both cultures, bikes and envirotricity…

  • johnny

    I think a drawing of a cute, undernourished baby cow madly sucking on an electric teat would be more appropriate!

  • vic

    a raging bull is all about misspent energy while an electric bike is or should be all about well spent energy

  • lago

    “How does Ford’s emblem represent their ideals?”

    They circled the problem :P

    I’m not so certain the idea that electric bikes are designed for an entirely new audience is valid. Most people simply don’t feel safe riding motorcycles and will not purchase one no matter how trendy and environmentally friendly it is. They’ll just purchase the newest hybrid car and feel good about themselves. It’s my prediction that when and if electric motorcycles begin to have sales figures within a couple orders of magnitude of gasoline motorcycle sales it will be mostly people who have owned or would have owned a gasoline motorcycle anyway doing the purchasing.

  • MobiKid

    The dude that runs Brammo, Craig Bramscher, was known as “The Bull” in high school. Thus, the bull head for the new Brammo logo. Nostalgic? Narcissistic? Juvenile? You decide. Whatever you decide it’s a total FAIL!!

  • http://new-logo.co.uk Matty

    I like the symbol of the bull in the new logo as the shape is quite simplistic yet the representation is very clear. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the new logo.