Who draws Icon's skulls?

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Tanner_Goldbeck.jpgTanner Goldbeck. Icon’s put together a short video all about him. For someone that paints some truly disturbing imagery, he actually seems like a pretty happy guy.  >


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  • http://www.typetwelve.com/ macfarlane.a

    what, no skull shifter?

  • Billy Pilgrim

    Skulls make people instant Bad Asses!!

    • M.P.

      Don’t forget the flames!

  • JR

    nice, seems real down to earth

  • vic

    i like his paintings more than what he does for icon

  • Sid

    Amazing paintings. I was skating one of those Powell decks last year and wondered who the artist was who penned the graphics. How weird to get the answer from a vid on HFL.

  • Core


    I have to say, pretty sharp art. My favorite though had to be the motorcycle helmet with the blond riding the spark plug. That was creative.

  • http://www.mulliganmachine.blogspot.com CAPTAIN AWESOME

    i prefer bedazzled helmets myself.

  • Blackchurch

    Matthew Mattison of Tiger Lilly Tattoos in Portland Oregon has also designed skulls and artwork for Icon.