World's fastest monkey bike to hit 100mph

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World_Fastest_Monkey_bike.jpgTo us, the most interesting racing that takes place at Bonneville oftentimes isn’t big budget attempts to set outright speed records, but rather the contests for obscure categories. Later this month, nine-time Dakar competitor Ivo Kastan hopes to reach speeds in excess of 106mph, making his monkey bike the fastest ever and also setting a new record for the naked 175cc four-stroke class. That he plans to do that without any rear suspension and could quite possibly be the first Czech to race on the salt just adds icing to the crazy cake.  >

via MCN

  • Case

    I think this guy is cooler than Sonny Barger.
    Just sayin’.

    • Wes Siler


  • Ernesto

    front and rear sprockets nearly the same if not the same size.

    would love to see the minibike scene blow up in the usa like it is in europe or even japan.

  • JR

    I love his comment about 3 phillipino kids and a stick of bamboo and also his comment about it weighing “about a bag of cement… or two bags of cement with me on it”

    “I like….how much?”

    • Ernesto

      A worked overTJR motor is bucko bucks. it’s hard for me to spend a grand on a motor let alone ~4k for a built Honda nice motor

  • Swagger

    That’s great fun, I hope he gets his bike in the record books. Give me a little faith to go on as well as I’m building two Honda S90′s (’65 and ’66) and one is for certain getting the cafe treatment for something fun to buzz back and forth to my workshop. The other may get a scrambler treatment. In my case I’m building around Lifan 150cc motors.

  • drjohndee

    Great stuff. Gonna be really hard for him to tuck in on that thing though. But 27-28hp on something that small should be easily enough to break the ton … a Honda Rebel with 18hp will get to 80mph.

  • John Smith

    If I had a ZB50 Rep,doing 95mph on the road for 4,000 mile on a 102cc kit “Honda 90″ bottom end, how come this is so bad????? Or is it that they built an engine (approx. 20% of the puzzle) and forgot about the rest???