Yamaha Moto-Bike: someday, you'll own a Yamaha

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In an attempt to cash in on the popularity of motocross and help bring a younger audience into the company fold, Yamaha released the Moto-Bike in 1974. Fitted-with oil-damped front forks, dual rear shocks and motorcycle-style everything, the Moto-Bike was supposed to bring MX capability to bicycles. Sadly, its designers failed to take one thing into account, the weight. All those features made the Yamaha-Motobike far heavier than more bicycle-like competitors, rendering it uncompetitive in BMX racing.

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  • Yuri

    What’s that? A 70s Yamaha that’s too heavy? The devil you say! All that being said, I totally want one of those things now. It’ll go great with the RD200 and XS850.

    • s0crates82

      I had an XS850!

      Had to push it onto a truck once because it violently ejected a sparkplug on the 134 through Glendale. God in heaven that thing was heavy. Unrelated, it needs a sixth gear. Five doesn’t cut it – especially if your megaphone is completely rusted out and empty.

      Also, Dan, I completely agree. If you could still snag one of those things, you’d do it justice by getting a 50/80cc engine kit off ebay for it.

    • Brooks Jackson

      I have my original Yamaha Moto Bike from when I was a kid. It is yellow with a banana seat, in excellent condition. You are welcome to make me an offer. Brooks

  • Ed

    My older brother had the orange one. It was amazingly heavy, but also amazingly fun. Alas, like almost every other bike in our neighborhood at one time or another, it was stolen.

  • Dan

    Too heavy? That thing needs a two stroke!

  • geonerd

    Now all it needs is an Evel Kneivel paint job and some baseball cards in the spokes.

  • http://www.fullcustomphoto.com Yuri

    You are correct, Socrates. The 850 is entirely too heavy and needs a sixth gear. Did you have a standard or a special? Mine’s an SG (Special).

    • s0crates82

      No idea. Mine was chopped a bit when I got it. Had superbike bars and a rear fender delete. I’m inclined to think it was a standard. Ended up getting rid of it because I was getting crap compression on two of three cylinders and needed a solid commuter.

      I’ve got a 05 zuke gs500 now, perhaps something fuel-injected next summer.

  • http://www.theebbtide.blogspot.com ebbTIDE

    I had something similar back in 1978 – but the brand was a Roadway or Roadmaster or something. Shocks and the Moto style wide, flat (and hard) seat. With knobby tires it was the coolest bike on the block and we took it over some “sweet jumps” but IT WEIGHED a million pounds. I still had it when BMX bikes came in style and I felt like I was ridding an old freight truck next to their bikes.

  • http://www.theebbtide.blogspot.com ebbTIDE

    Here’s the Roadway that I had http://bmxmuseum.com/bikes/roadway/23375 IT was a beast!

  • Denis

    I hate that Bermhead. Why is that guy such a jerk?

  • Jashuh

    Had one of these bikes as a kid and loved it, looks that is! The weight of the bike made moto-cross in the woods very hard and I remember somewhat hard to steer through the woods with the heavy forks… Also “popped out” the rear shocks several times, easy to fix though! Lots of good memories here..

  • skinny

    hey yuri, send me an email about the bike please?