2010 Honda CBR600RR: bold new graphics

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Yikes. Honda is continuing its trend of appealing to tasteless flatbillers with this truly horrid “Leyla” paint scheme replacing the slightly less offensive “Phoenix” job. People with functional eyes needn’t worry, there’s a bland new orange color too. All that contrasts with Europe, which gets a sexy new tricolor 2010 Honda CBR600RR. There’s no other changes; what’re we in a recession or something?


  • DucatiVeloce

    honda has really been letting me down with their color schemes lately. i understand the whole “appeal to the masses” thing but there isn’t one color combination that does this bike justice. i guess simplicity doesn’t cut it anymore.

    • DucatiVeloce

      i meant for the 600RR. i just looked at the 1000RR and bit my tongue for generalizing my comment about color schemes.

  • Photo Tim

    So the Europe gets red, white and blue, the colors Americans believe to be theirs. And what is that, some girl in the throws of orgasm?

    Honda has always been ghetto.

  • Kerry

    Can we convince Honda to some how take back all these triple color shred style stripes and just give us candy and heavy flake again? I would seriously consider a new CBR if I could get it in 1973 Candy Sunrise Metal Flake instead of slash graphics that look like they should be painted on an 80′s monte carlo SS parked next to a double wide.

    Honestly the Leyla is not all that bad considering the Phoenix graphics looked like a Kanye Album threw up on it. At least it isn’t a bunch of now boring pointy stripes and fades.

    It could be worse, it could be painted camo and come with a trucker hat….oh wait is that out of style already? so are all of honda’s sportbike paint jobs.

  • http://greatjoballweek.blogspot.com/ Case

    wtf is this thing? A picture of a woman in the throes of orgasm replete with some kind of poker hand on the fuel tank? are you shitting me? Coming next year: UFC, Affliction or similar branded bike graphics with their inimitable goth-barf styling. It will be like the Phoenix but more AGGRESSIVE, bro.

    ps. ‘tasteless flatbillers’ is redundant.

  • Brad

    Anybody else remember when this bike came in straight-up silver? Was it 07 or 08? Classiest, most tasteful scheme I have seen on a Japanese sportbike in recent memory, and now — this.

    Revenge of BNG!