2010 Honda VFR1200: Shamu visits the Alps

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These spy photos, shot by a MotoBlog.it reader, verify the accuracy of the 2010 Honda VFR1200 leaked images. In the Alps to have its press photos taken in preparation for its official unveiling next month, Shamu looks at home on the tight mountain roads where its relatively small size – not that much bigger than a CBR1000RR – must come in handy.
Thanks to a slow trickle of official information, we know for certain
that the new VFR will be jam packed with new technology. There’s a
double clutch gearbox, variable cylinder management that can
effectively turn the 1200cc V4 into a  600cc parallel-twin to improve
fuel economy by 30% and a whole mess o’ neat stuff that can be found in
this video.

Heard what the VFR1200 will sound like?

via MotoBlog.it

  • Hobo Mike

    The bike’s amazing tech is undisputed. The styling (Shamu!) leaves me scratching my head. If anyone wants to make money, I’d be making alternative fairings.

  • kawalser

    If, by your own acknowledgment, the bike is nominally larger than a CBR1000, I wonder why you keep likening the new VFR to an Orca whale?

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      “Shamu” isn’t intended to be an insult. A bunch of people discussing the black and white leaked photos in various forums noted its resemblance to a killer whale and started calling it “Shamu.” I like nicknames, so we’re using it.

  • Ken

    Looks like it’s got Honda’s latest anti-lean technology.

  • Adrian

    I’m not a big Honda fan , but it doesn’t look that bad to me.

  • Casey J.

    I think its a great looking bike, but the thing that worries me is the price structure at Honda lately, the lowest model Goldwing starts at $22.9K Then you have the late ST1300 starting at $16K and finally the NT700V at $10K. I’m almost willing to bet this machine comes in at $18K with ABS and a proper manual transmission. If by the grace of God it comes in at about $14.5K I just might have to wait for the second or third model year to get some discounts and the bugs worked out and this would be a great replacement for the GSF 1250A parked out front right now.

    • drjohndee

      One of the reasons Honda can charge more is because people genuinely believe their bikes are put together better. There isn’t as much difference as there used to be, but in rider surveys in Europe, at least, Honda are always rated ahead of the other Japanese marques for build quality and finish. In fact only KTM regularly beat them on that score. They’ve also been the most technologically innovative, overall. They don’t build down to a cost and historically they’ve made some obvious pricing errors, but I don’t think their products are generally overpriced alongside comparable European bikes for example.

      Love the VFR1200.

  • MTGR

    Shamu is perfect! I Love it. Only Honda could make a bike for this market that is almost as small as a CBR 1 and still make it look bloated and over-stuffed! Like they need that constant reminder of how much they “packed into it” or something. Butt ugly, but then so is the CBR in my opinion. As for pricing, Honda has always charged more than other Jap OEMs for comparable product. They are, after all, the biggest and most corporate motorcycle company out there so the arrogant attitude toward pricing is just part of the beauty and magic of Honda Corp. and a big part of what makes me dislike them. Just be glad you are not a part of their dealer network and having the way over-priced things stuffed down your throat whether you want them or not.

    • aeiou

      “rant, rant, rant, rant, rant, rant”

      Did a Honda rider steal your woman? LOL

  • Wes Hill

    Personally I think its a good looking bike and sounds to be very well equipped. As a 2nd and 6th gen owner its nice to see something new come down the pipe. That being said, it sounds like some serious scope creep, especially in the price tag category.

    Honda needs to know one thing though: High tech does not make a better bike.

  • Deltablues

    I think it looks spiffy. I also like the fact that it is roughly the same size as my Sprint ST 1050, which is a great example of not being too big and not being too small. Now it makes me wonder what Triumph is cooking up for the new Sprint.

    Will be very curious to see the new VFR in person.

  • http://setthemfree.tumblr.com Sasha Pave

    I appreciate Honda still doing the variable engine/valve stuff. I just hope it works better than the current VFR VTEC and that annoying flat spot in the powerband. It feels like you’re running out of gas every time you get on the freeway!

    I’d love to see Honda open the tech fire hose on this and have options like ABS, Tire Pressure Monitors, Adjustable ergos, Electronic adj. windscreens, electronic cruise, traction control, 4-way electronic adj suspension, keyless ign, and a beer cozy holder.

  • Telekom

    It doesn’t look as bad as it did in the leaked shots a few months back. It looks OK, but unless I win the lottery I’ll never be in the market for a new bike. So my excitement about this bike stems from the fact that current VFR owners might want to sell their bikes cheap on the 2nd hand market to someone like me…

  • MTGR

    Can’t confirm Euro prices, but growing up in the Bike industry here in N Amer I know Honda always charged more and still does. Yes, they do build good products, and there used to be a gap to the other Jap OEMs there, but that difference is about 99% perception these days so not sure you can use that to justify them charging more now.