2010 Kawasaki D-TRACKER 125: a l'il supermoto

Dailies -


Kawasaki_D-Tracker_125.jpgWe think this little Europe-only Kawasaki is a little confused, calling itself the 2010 Kawasaki D-TRACKER 125. Not a dirt tracker at all, it’s just a 2010 Kawasaki KLX125 with 17s, sticky tires, a more aggressive fender and clocks “inspired” by those on the Kawasaki ER-6n. Like the KLX, we’d expect 12bhp, 125kg and a terrible case of acne. 

  • hmm

    Not particularly inspiring is it? Looks like one of the multitude of Chinese re-branded imports.

    D minus I’m afraid.

  • Denzel

    More power (figuratively if not literally) to Kawasaki for giving euro kids the opportunity to be the baddest ass delivery driver on the block… At least it’s not a new 125 cruiser…

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  • Will

    14″ wheels, 10hp and 114kg…rubbish!