2010 Triumph Street Triple R: John Player would be proud

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Can you tell we’re in a recession yet? There’s a serious dearth of new models for 2010 with new paint schemes standing in for actual development. Case in point: the 2010 Triumph Street Triple R. It’s the same as before, except there’s now the option of black paint with gold wheels and decals (matte orange and matte grey are also available). That’s not necessarily a bad thing; the Street Triple R adds what is essentially the suspension setup from the Daytona to the 105bhp, 189kg (wet) non-R to create a naked that’s seriously capable, yet still fun at reasonable speeds.

Thanks for the tip, David.

  • robotribe

    Black & gold paint + badass light & agile British bike = so much win it’ll make grown men misty in the eyes.

    Bonnies are nice, Daytonas are more than capable, Rockets are batsh*t-crazy-in-a-managable-package, and Speed Triples certainly lit the flame for all the hooligan bikes that followed. But this–THIS, is a Triumph that says,”hey, everyone, the Brits really are BACK”.

    The logical Japanese rebuttal should be the Honda CB 1100F Concept from couple years ago.

    I wonder what Norton thinks of this paint hijack?

  • http://www.urbanrider.co.uk urbanrider

    +1 for the coolness of the black and gold paint job. I’m not a fan of gold in most cases but motorcycle wheels is a definite exception.

    Sorry to nit-pick at a company I love but please Triumph can you give a bit more attention to the models you use. Can you imagine Ducati releasing shots of a guy wearing a hoody under a leather jacket which is 2 sizes too big for him? The little things matter.

  • http://sr500project.blogspot.com/ Anders

    This is recession-chic, like the mid-70′s. Can’t wait for the economy to pick up.

  • Nick

    Cooler than the Gulf blue and orange livery. Not as cool as British Racing Green and gold wheels.

  • Divino

    Just when i thought i was going to trade in the speed four for a speed triple…

    Thanks Triumph

  • vic

    there s a new facelift of the brutale ,check out mvagusta.net

  • http://www.s1te.net David

    This is certainly the bike for me in 2010

  • Chris

    @ Vic. You beat me to it. New Brutale launched today and a new F4 coming.

    Here’s a youtube of the new Brute: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUUsJd4vjoc

  • Jon

    Anyone out there tell me if theres any big changes with the 09 2010 speed triple?