Ben Spies loves kittens, keychains, ice cream

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Ben_Spies.jpgAs far as we can tell, our training regime of drinking beer, playing on our computers and eating takeaway should be equally effective to Ben Spies‘. So why aren’t we dominating SBK? Sounds like he’s just lucky. >


  • Alex

    I wonder if aspiring Nascar drivers could have success using that method.

    Umm, that track looks like a big yawn.

  • JR

    I’m going to the Crocodile next month…

  • Isaac

    I get the cat had Vale’s tounge LOL!

  • z

    I know whats hes method, its the same method that works in almost all form of racing that includes a makers championship, like F1, its no secret.

    His method is… Being on the team with the winning machine, in this case the R1, if he was racing for Kawasaki this season he wouldn’t be wining any races, obviously. So in this form of racing, each season the best machines are destined to battle for the championship, and even if theirs other drivers as good or better, if their not in the winning teams they are not going to win. like Lewis Hamilton, he had the winning car he won the championship, this season the same driver doesnt have the winning car hes not even in the podiums, much less has a chance on winning the championship, yet hes the same driver, he could be even a better driver today, with more experience, yet he doesnt have the winning car.

    In a way this is more a race between makes (Kawa, Honda, Yamah, Ducati, Aprilia, etc) then actually drivers, and of course its mostly promoted as a drivers championship, and drivers play a roll in winning, but still the mayor reason if not the only reason this races exists is because of the makers and their marketing strategies, not because the drivers, their are promoted as marketing to get you to watch the race and cheer for your driver, and in consequence to watch the brands, so its basically a race between brands or makers

    All of this drivers are at top level and and many of them with Spies machine would also be winning races the same way.

    That is way his winning, but dont get me wrong, Spies is obviously a really god rider, he can really control 1 of the meanest bikes in the planet, only the very best.

    • mototom

      For Chrissakes man, learn to spell!

      Its never ithere or, its always a race beetveen the ekwipment AND the riders nut won or the udder. A good rider can make a medee oker bike shine, a medee oker rider will make a good bike look awfull. QED

    • E-Dub

      So why do we not see Tom Sykes on the podium every weekend?

    • geonerd

      Seriously, I mean if it wasn’t for his “winning team” I bet he’d have all kinds of DNF’s for silly, preventable things like running out of gas on the last turn of the last lap of the race or having to deal with faulty clutches.

  • Peter Lombardi

    that video was a serious crack up, thanks for the link! :)

  • DucatiVeloce

    ben spies is crazy, i like him, but he’s crazy