Destination: Ural ST

Dailies -



We’re heading to the Cascade Mountains for an exclusive first ride of the new Ural ST, a bike no one outside the factory has even seen yet. Don’t worry, I’m not making Wes ride bitch all weekend, we’ve got a Patrol sidecar too. Stay tuned for information, pictures and riding impressions about Ural’s new two-wheeler.

We’re back in New York, thanks to everyone who participated. Look for feature content on the ST in the coming days.

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  • jconli1

    I don’t tweet and am a little late to the party, but for future reference, WA-20 (North Cascades Scenic Hwy) can’t be beat this time of year… take that around the long way, down old 97, then back over US-2 (Stevens Pass Hwy) into the Seattle area. Plenty of USFS trails and side roads branch off of both of those if you’re in the dual sport mood.

    Next time, swing by Ride West BMW in the AM for free coffee and doughnuts-

  • DoctorNine

    Yeah. Refuse to become a TWIT. Pictures are nice though. Looks fun. Sidecars are intrinsically cool. No getting around that.