Deus Ex Machina arrives in Los Angeles

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Deus Ex Machina is opening its first American showroom at the Secret Service fashion boutique in downtown Los Angeles. Only one bike, the Grievous Angel pictured here, is currently available, but the brand’s clothing line and custom bicycles are also on offer.
Sydney, Australia-based Deus has become known for its back-to-basics,
small-capacity customs that focus on delivering classic kick-start
function over the metal-flake and chrome comic book form of mainstream
customs popularized by such cultural luminaries as Jesse James or the
Teutel family.

Like many other Deus customs, the Grievous Angel is based on the Yamaha
SR400, but here is kitted out as a cafe racer rather than a
street-tracker. Deus describes the modifications thusly:

Alloy bullet fairing in black, Over Racing stubbie under pipe, Black
powder coated factory mags, clip-on bars, NitroHeads ducktail seat and
tracker tank in Black, SR frame hand massaged into submission, K&N
pod filter kit, CV carb, beadblasted engine case, Gold brake calipers
and braided lines, AVON Speedmaster™ tyres…and all finished in
glorious Henry Ford pink.

No word on a US retail price, but while the original Angel is priced at
about $20,000 (USD) in Australia, the ones being sold in LA are cobbled
together down the road in Venice, which hopefully points to a slightly
more feasible price tag.

Deus Ex Machina

  • joe

    cool bike, but a $20k price tag is retarded.

  • Dr.Danger

    I love the design, but I don’t know if I could drop $20k for the bike.

  • spades

    20K! bike is nice but come on! Anybody who would pay that doesn’t deserve to ride it.

  • Yukio

    @ everyone above.

    $20k includes the brand new $8k SR400 imported from Japan to Aus. So you pay $12k for fab work, paint, ohlins, brembo, and their style. It is a little pricey, but definitely nothing to gawk over. How much do you think custom motorcycles cost?

  • David Patton

    Curious how they scoot this scoot past or through the CA DMV.

    • Yukio

      There isn’t necessarily anything to scoot past the DMV. There are quite a few US market, CA friendly SR500s. The SR542 Mono they built for Orlando Bloom is from a 1970′s USDM SR500.

      If they are going this route and building off used bikes, it could significantly reduce the price too.

      • David Patton

        Interesting. Thanks for the info.

        So do you reckon that this bike would be, in the eyes of The Man, sold as a used vehicle – that is to say, is Bloom’s bike registered as a 197X Yamaha? Any idea how insurance works for bikes like this? Or does it? Would Bloom’s bike have an insurance value of $1000 or similar?

        • Yukio

          I am pretty sure it would be registered straight up as a 197X bike. As long and numbers match, there is no need to re-title as a special construction. As far as insurance and the “value”, I have no idea. I hope anyone with a $20k bike would use some type extra of “insurance”.

  • stu

    what you are definitely paying for is the deus design-eye, which is one of the best in the world for SRs, IMHO. Anyone can buy the aftermarket bits from Japan, but very few can design a truly inspired original design. Deus do this time and time again. That’s not to say they haven’t got it wrong on occassion – but this is only when the silly customers interfere and start changing things on their standard designs. Again, this is IMHO as a custom enthusiast who lives in Sydney and visits Deus often (but won’t buy their bikes because he needs more grunt, the kind that his Ducati sportclassic offers)

  • RD350

    I am very excited to see Deus ex Machina arrive in the States.

    I am hoping they will be selling a good assortment of Japanese and Euro, SR500 aftermarket parts as they are not really available from any American dealer.

    I am hoping to make some of your parts work on my retro SRX600 and RD350 projects …

    I may just have to find an old SR to do as well ..

    Also, I love the Japanese brand, Harold’s Gear, and I hope that you will be selling their stuff as well (I see they sell it in Aus).

    Anyway, I wish them the best of luck in the USA.

  • Case

    I’m glad Deus Ex is in the states. I’d love to check out their gear but the SS boutique is appointment only. whaaaaaatever [wanking motion]. Saves me the trouble of going downtown.

  • Ken

    They opened here in New Zealand recently. I was talking to the bloke who set it up. He claimed it will be a lot cheaper to build the bikes in this country simply because they’ll be able to source the bikes for far less. Australian ADR regs are famously tough.

    The Street Tracker they had out front was so reasonably priced I nearly lost my composure and sold a perfectly good Z750.

    The Grevious Angel is specced very well, so it leans on the pricey side anyway. That’s an Ohlins sticker there.

  • drjohndee

    Can’t believe people are whining about $20k for one of the most beautiful bikes you’ll ever see. What are people paying for OCC monstrosities?!

    Love the Grievous Angel, reminds me a lot of the first bike I ever lusted after, the Harley XLCR. But I like Deus’s Triumph-based street tracker even more.

    I’m emigrating to Australia in two months and their shops are high on my list of must-visits.

  • Jones

    20k is quite steep, especially considering that a lot of the Deus “customization” is simply aftermarket bolt-ons (most of which don’t make it this side of the pond – sad). I agree that there is a legitimate scale for the concentrated eye of a designer, but as a designer/fabricator you would have to scratch fabricate lots of kit to justify that price. Noted on the Ohlins.

    All of that said, I pretty much love everything coming out of their house. I second RD350, hope they import all of their hard parts as well. Will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  • Blbec

    Lets hope they do mail order in the US so their very cool and insanely expensive clothes will merely be expensive. Their high street cred/luxury brand pricing combo makes it confusing as to whether their customers are hard core or wealthy wankers that want to look the part. That said, I have respect for their style but their prices run them into Teutel territory in a lot of respects…

  • RpM

    Deus opening in an LA fashion boutique? Uh,oh.

    I would’ve been a little less leery if they had just brought their vision to a small storefront & workshop in San Francisco.

    I’ve admired Deus and their designs for some time now. When I look at photos of their home shop in Sydney, I get all misty-eyed for the moto shops of my misspent youth. Damn, where did they all go?

    One day I’d like to race on down to the new stateside Deus. Let’s hope that when I roll up it’s more than just another fashion boutique for the rich and famous.



    originality comes with a price tag.

    let’s face it, if too many people thought the price was high, they wouldn’t be opening up shop in the states.

    apparently their finances are in order, and they are in a current mode of expansion. i think it is great they are able to get enough of a customer base to continue their work regardless of price.

  • Decker

    Bolt on parts and in inexpensive bike to begin with, with a 500% mark up so that you can sport a brand name of people trying to make a pretty penny and who don’t even care about motorcycles! Perfect for Los Angeles, I’m IN! Come on folks… we gotta be smart than this… aren’t we?