Filippo Barbacane cuts Griso 8V to create Guzzi Diamante

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Fitted with the single-sided front end from a Gilera CX125 and wearing bespoke bodywork, it’s really hard to tell that Filippo Barbacane’s Diamante started life as a Moto Guzzi Griso 8V. The front end has been massively reinforced to deal with the added weight and performance over that little 125, while the fuel tank has been repositioned under the custom rear subframe, leaving room for a huge airbox with a top-mounted intake. The name comes from the faceted bodywork, which also serves to channel air around the cylinder heads to partially accommodate the increased cooling made necessary by the 1420cc capacity and 140bhp output. Barbacane will be producing 30 of these.

via SoloMoto30

  • Tanshanomi

    I was comfortably sure that there was no way to make me desire a Griso.

    Consider my faith in the reliability of my world view now shaken.

  • Rainman


  • robotribe

    Wait,…you mean it’s possible to have both a non-obese AND powerful Guzzi?!

    Guzzi would put themselves back on the radar with the <40 y.o. crowd if they mass produced this. It makes the Ducati Streetfighter and Aprilia Shiver look outdated and BORING.

  • Speedealer


  • the_doctor

    I love the single sided front end look. This is awesome. Any word on cost? I am assuming that since I asked, I cannot afford.

  • Chris Hunter

    Wow. I’ve always thought that white wheels are the motorcycling equivalent of white jeans and boat shoes, but this bike looks terrific.

  • Tom Neel

    I could have one if I wanted.

  • ryan

    Looks liek it wants to be a super duke R.

    Love the superdukes, but I am not a fan of this guzzi. There’s something about the rear of the bike I don’t like.

    It looks much better than a guzzi, but still nto what I’d call pretty.

    Its like sleeping with a fat girl, you might just do it but you wouldn’t want your friends to find out.

  • Mitch

    I like the trick side stand that mates directly to the bottom of the block. In fact, the bottom of the engine is totally clean – I can’t see the oil filter or oil cooler or anything like that. Very neat look.

  • coho


    Maybe with Speed Triple headlights.

  • Anders

    Fine effort! I think the Griso is an already decent looking bike, and Guzzi is by far the most interesting of the Italian brands but why cant they produce more agile and sporty bikes? Is that Aprilias role and Guzzi is left to beeing a Italian Beemer?

  • Telekom

    It looks absolutely superb, very impressive styling, amazingly clear and clean round the rear wheel. My only question… The stubby exhaust is cleverly positioned to point at 90 degrees to the underside of the engine – but it looks like the exhaust gases are pointing directly at your left foot. I expect that could get a bit hot.