Happening: Brooklyn Invitational Bike Show at Autumn Bowl

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Everyone knows motorcycle parties are cool. There are occasions, though, when they become more than just bikes, free beer and Death Metal. The first annual Brooklyn Invitational Bike Show held this past Saturday at the cavernous Autumn Bowl skate park was an incredible snapshot of underground New York. Old-school bikers, builders, skaters, rockers, artists and yes, even a few bikes. We just hope next year’s Invitational is half as good.

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Happening: Brooklyn Invitational at Autumn Bowl

  • Ken

    Very cool shots Grant. Top work.

  • Hobo Mike

    Didn’t see any Japanese bikes but I saw Japanese (ok, made in Canada) Beer! :-)

  • http://www.rockersCT.com Russ

    Why do I keep hearing about these after the fact. Next year I’m there. Nice pics.

  • http://leovinceusa.com jon

    (more)Parties on the westcoast!

  • Ray

    Nice pix Grant!

  • roman

    I rode in from Philly. Have to admit that the VFR looked a little dorky next to all the customized iron. The setting was pretty incredible and I am thoroughly impressed by Brooklyn’s motorcycle scene. It was definitely an unexpected cross-section of bikers, builders, skaters, hipsters, rockers, etc….but everyone got along just fine. Looks like the party really got going after I decided to ride back, but it’s not down the street so I couldn’t stick around too long.

  • pdub

    I am relatively from down the street (Queens). Thought about going then thought about actually going for a ride rather than hanging around posing. The ride won out.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Grant Ray

      Posing, huh? That’s laughable. The crew I met who rode straight from Chicago on home-built hard-tail choppers would definitely laugh. So would all those White Knights, Paul Cox, Keino, Crazy Kevin and the rest of the featured builders. The crews from Works and Indian Larry over on Gasoline Alley? Also laughing.

      There are times to ride. And then there are times to hang out, have a beer and have a little fun with other like-minded people who are deeply passionate about motorcycles.

      Ride on, you big Lone Wolf McQuade, you.

  • joe

    Wish I could have been there! Excellent photography as well. From the other write-ups I’ve read, those seem to really match the spirit of how it was being described.

  • SJ

    Heading down to NYC in the next month. Want to coordinate it w/ some shows or get a list of shops. Anyone have suggestions? Shoot me a mail (seanwjohnston (at) gmail.com). I can’t spend another 3 hours in Filene’s basement with my girlfriend. Thanks guys.