Look what's inside Randy de Puniet's ankle

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Randy_de_Puniet_ankle.jpgRandy de Puniet broke his ankle during a motocross training accident about a month ago. These screws, seven in all, are the result of a surgery designed to get him back on his LCR Honda RC212V. He finished 12th at Indy last weekend despite the added weight.

via MotosBlog.fr 

  • steaminSteven

    and I thought my broken collarbone look like a dawgs lunch, gotta hand it to the boy, he a tough mutha funker!

  • http://muthalovin.com the_doctor

    My goodness. I would have thought by the year 2010, doctors could laser that shit back up. I guess if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Wait.

  • General Apathy

    Looks a little sloppy.. I could have done that with my Makita drill and a couple of wood screws.

  • jwinter

    Poor Randy was just starting to get some results too.

  • NotSteve


    kidding aside, I’m impressed he was willing to get back and compete so quickly. he’s a manly man!

  • Robert

    Have they had to ballast his opposite ankle?

  • Rainman

    DP! My buddy Paul is his biggest fan. I’m sure Randy’s doing just fine what with all the Playboy bunnies fawning over him – sympathy works wonders.

  • Core

    And I thought that time I got one 2-1/2″ nail sunk in my left knee cap 1’4″ from the head of the nail, that it was bad..
    All I can say is that photo brings back a horrid painful memory, and I can only imagine how the guy feels…

    • Core

      I meant.. Cringes

  • Shrike

    I saw him at Indy and he was the last guy in and off his bike at the end of the race. They had to help him off his bike a bit and he immediately used some of those complex angled crutches that grip your fore arms. The guy is a beast. The bunnies in his pit where sweet too.