Mike Charlton jet bike makes 169mph pass

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Charlton_Bonneville.jpgMike Charlton has completed his first successful pass at Bonnevile with a 169.22mph exit speed. Mike had experienced some earlier problems with the jet engine’s torque driving the left side of the frame into the ground, but that appears to disappear at speed. He now plans to pursue his 500mph goal.

via LandRacing.com 

  • Purplenurple

    = hill-billy suicide.

  • http://cohobot.blogspot.com/ coho

    Go, man, go!

    He gets to live his dream and we get to watch. Win-win. And it will spark competitors with their own jet bikes. Just think how cool the bike that goes 501 is gonna look.

  • Mike J

    This guy’s using the air speed indicator out of Art Arfons’ Green Monster – a car that crashed at 600mph over 40 year ago nearly killing it’s driver – because he thinks it will bring him good luck..! You’ve just gotta admire that kind of fantastic logic…

  • Kurt

    Go for it Mike.

    What time is he running today?

  • Kurt

    How did Mike do today?? I can’t find anything on the web.

  • Kurt

    Need an update on Mike Charlton please!

  • Gildas

    Has he gone throu the wall of red neck technology?

    Tell us, tell us!


  • Kathy

    Way to go Big Brother! Keep safe & God Speed!!!!!
    Kick the tires and light the fire!

    Love you.