Motorcycle Crash Tech airing on National Geographic tonight

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Motorcycle_Crash_Tech.jpgNational Geographic will be airing a documentary called “Motorcycle Crash Tech” tonight at 9pm. It does what it says on the tin, exploring advances in technology designed to reduce the chances of a crash or reduce the severity of injuries sustained in them. Judging by the two previews below, it’ll be a high production value tour of some neat technologies — we’re particularly looking forward to the segment on the Alpinestars AST airbag suit — but looks a little basic and ill-informed. Who knew downshifting was the most dangerous thing you could do on a bike or that riding without a slipper clutch should be left to expert test riders only?  >


  • Darek

    wtf? they couldn’t even find a video of someone crashing in a downshift situation… hahah

    • SJY

      They showed like 10 high sides.

  • JWinter

    Is that Stoner’s 2 mph crash?
    Dude’s never going to live that down.

  • tj

    hard to watch shows when they dumb them down so much and are cut and pasted together by people who dont ride bikes. $.02 is all not ripping them appart

  • MTGR

    Pretty much typical for national geo. Friends I have specailizing in other fields have the same issues and complaints when NatGeo covers those topics, but at least something mainstream is covering Motorcycles other than choppers and thugs and making an effort to get most things right.

  • JonJon

    Yeah, I’ve down that same bad downshift more than once and not never crashed while doing it. I thought they were going to say that high speed turns were the most dangerous. Case, you know, they’d actually be somewhat right about that. Aside from a brief moment of great stupidity, all of my wrecks/spills have been in the turns. When I was first riding (talk about inexperienced!) Downshifting and sliding the rear was one of my favorite things to do. But it was a GPz900 with lower tech tires.

  • Marco

    I wish they showed some better high-profile footage (some WSBK & Moto GP, old Rossi & McCoy throttling through corners, 500cc days) and wish they recognized the sport more. Nice to see Pedrosa & Stoner leathers being made though. 4 out of 10 for me.

  • Keith

    Watched it last night and found it pretty disappointing. I was expecting it to be a little better than what I saw, since it’s made by the same guys who made Twist The Throttle on Discovery HD Theater.