Photo: Ben Bostrom, TZ750, Indy Mile

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Ben_Bostrom_TZ750.jpgRumor has it that Valentino Rossi was, “suited, booted, and ready to ride” the infamous Yamaha TZ750 flat track racer at Indy last weekend, but chickened out after watching Kenny Roberts do three laps on it. Looks like Ben Bostrom found the balls to climb aboard in Rossi’s place. Here he is tackling the Indy Mile’s turn one. Note the road racing boots and the lack of a steel shoe.

via @BenBostrom

  • will

    He looks appropriately terrified.

  • j fenech

    I was the mechanic on the TZ at Indy. Ben was not terrified, but really exited. He rode it well, especially for the short time he was given. I have no doubt, that given a few more laps he would have gotten up to an incredible pace. This was the first time i really got to meet Ben, and the rumors are actully true, a truly first class, down to earth nice guy.

    • will


  • Salad Shooter
  • Hobo Mike

    Sounds like a rumor. I have no doubt that Rossi could put on a good show with his obvious talent. But big up to Ben who was a class act and remains so.

  • j fenech

    Valentino certainly has unmatched tallent, but i dont believe he has ever ridden any miler, much less that one. We must remember, Valentino is a businessman , and taking that kind of chance on the eve of a GP race for a world championship would have been bad business.