Photo: everything you need to know about the Aprilia RSV4 R

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Aprilia RSV4R changes.jpgThe Aprilia RSV4 R has been priced at £12,449 in the UK, £2,550 cheaper than the bells-and-whistles Aprilia RSV4 Factory. No price for either bike has yet to be announced for the New World. Should you save some money and go for the cheaper model? This photo will help you decide, it highlights the changes. Full specs below.  >

Aprilia_RSV4_R_Specs.jpgvia Superbike

  • CafeRacer1200

    The cheaper one is the way to go. Honestly, almost no one is going to race this bike and very few people are fast enough to really notice the difference. Save your money and put it toward remodeling your garage.

  • Isaac

    That’s a little over 15K* in USD. That is pretty cheap considering the Ducati 848 is 14K and it’s big brother is 19K. Not to mention the ‘R’ version is 39K and the Aprilia RSV-4 Factory is 19K in USD*.

    I’ll be taking one in white.

    *converted from UK pricing

    • doubleoevan

      I’m not sure what exchange rate you’re using, but as of today it’s 1.586 which would put the RSV4 R at almost $20K. But we all know that they don’t price bikes in the U.S. based on the exchange rate. Hopefully it comes in at closer to $15K.

  • Viceroy_Fizzlebottom

    Just like the automobile indsustry and can’t just do a straight currency conversion to figure out the U.S. Price. Aprilia will set the price based on what their competitors are selling their bikes at

  • Marco A

    I’d take a guess on putting the pricing 16 / 20. Would love to see 14 / 18 like the older RSV, but with the V4 I can’t imagine them moving at the same price.

  • Nick

    The retail price is academic. The real cost is what the bikes worth after a fixed period of ownership. Even if both bikes depreciate at the same rate, the difference in resale value will be smaller than the initial price difference.

    For example, assuming that they are both worth 65% of their value after 2 years:
    - The ACTUAL cost of the R is £4,357.15
    - The ACTUAL cost of the Factory is £5,249.65
    Therefore the Factory has only cost you £892.50 more.

    In reality the Factory will depreciate slower. I wouldn’t be surprised if it actually costs less over a two year period.

  • Nick

    In all probability, the cheaper bike is the Factory.

  • Generic1776

    With the BMW 1000RR at $14 for the base model. I would expect this about the same… after all they are trying to steal market share from Suzuki and Yamaha.