Sydney dust storm blankets Deus Ex Machina

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Photos: Carby Tuckwell

Residents of Sydney woke up yesterday to a scene reminiscent of the apocalypse. A 310-mile wide, 620-mile long dust storm swept red powder from the continent’s interior deserts into the city, bringing with it gail-force winds and hailstorms. It’s gone now, blown out to sea. All that’s left at Deus Ex Machina HQ is some bikes in sore need of a hose down. But, scientists say climate change could make such occurrences a regular feature of Sydney’s weather.

  • Stacy

    Leave ‘em dirty. The dust gives them a nice Mad Max look.

  • Purplenurple

    My bike’s got that fake tan orange glow now… So do my leathers, and my lungs.

    Riding was no worse than a dirt ride, cept in your road gear and on road bike i.e. more wheelspin and pisspoor braking than the daily commute really needs.

    Airfilter’s getting a bath this weekend.

    Damn apocalypse making things messy.

  • chrisF

    Meanwhile we further south in Melbourne got shaken and stirred in early morning. Not to worry, it was just a little tremor.

    Yeah, looking at the Sydney photos, they look like Mars. Exactly right, looked like a scene out of Mad Max. I feel for you all in Sydney and Queensland. Better get them filters cleaned good!

  • thundahballz

    maybe they can have a ‘dirt cheap’ sale. yuk-yuk