This is what 367.382mph looks like

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BUB_SEVEN_367_MPH.jpgLast week, Chris Carr set a new motorcycle land speed record in the BUB Seven of 367.382mph. Here’s the video.  >

BUB via Asphalt and Rubber

  • Hobo Mike

    150mph is pretty terrifying (ok, exhilarating too) on the 10 fwy in Los Angeles. I can’t even imagine what +2x would be like. I wanna try!

  • Kidchampion

    If that’s what 370 MPH looks like, they could have moved the camera closer by 50-yards and it would have looked like 1,000 MPH.

  • George Najar

    I was 100 yards west from the timing mark two years ago and had all I could do to get a smooth pan on a bike going 250 mph I was impressed with the pan on the 7 in this video.