Video: 2010 Aprilia RSV4 R

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Aprilia_RSV4_R_Video.jpgThe official launch video for the 2010 Aprilia RSV4 R video’s just been dropped and, as expected, it’s full of canned rock music rather than the gorgeous sound of a 180bhp 65° V4 at full chat. Guess that’s a good thing if you’re a fan of generic video game soundtracks and not motorcycles.  >


  • shaun

    I gotta say I like Aprilia’s new site redesign. The RSV opening video is kinda funny. But hey, at least their videos are better than Ducati’s.

  • Richard

    I love your honesty! Most industry folks would fall all over themselves to gush over how great the video was just hoping to gain the favor of the manu. so the get first dibs on the latest test bikes so they can in turn gush over them in their respective publications

  • Dr.Danger

    I don’t know why, but I was fully expecting to hear the song “Danger Zone” in that video.

  • Will

    As for the video? Great. That POV was mesmerizing.

    As for the music? Mustang Sally Reprise. What the hell, Aprilia?

  • Paul Danger Kile

    Wedgiest… passenger-seat… evar… Thanks for sharing. I will mention that I saw this here first, when I put it on my site.

  • DucatiVeloce

    sweet vid. i like the hauling ass on the track and the rotating bike. the music not so much… if only someday they could make some sweet vids with actual enthusiasts in mind.

  • vic

    i like the concept(one half showing the machine the other with the awesome POV) but i guess they hate the sound of their own engine since they did the best they could to silence it in the video,and since they went all the way and put a decent camcorder on the bike why not stick a field recorder under the tail(most wind free environment on the ext of a bike that i could find)and get beautiful rich sound

  • slojo

    Loved the perfect smooth apex and shift light hits. Though the GP sounding screaming/roar of the V4 would of been nice. Don’t know how a vid like this would help sell? I believe any sport bike would look the same here? Come on Aprilia, show/brag on your Italian brilliant uniqueness!

  • M.P.

    I know very one else has said it, but…the music! UGH! The only sound track needed was the motor.

  • geonerd

    boo for poorly mounted cams and video game soundtracks. aprilia should hire yamaha’s video production team.


    Aprilia’s marketing prowess has always been lacking. They have a habit of hiring PR firms here stateside with NO MOTORCYCLING experience whatsoever. A lot of their marketing emphasis needs a complete redirect or serious overhaul.