2009 Isle of Man TT captured in slow motion

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2009_TT_SloMo.jpgDuke Video’s compiled a reel of slow motion action from the this year’s Isle of Man TT. Slowed down, the footage really drives home just how hard the races are using their bikes; tires compress way out of round, forks bottom out and belly pans scrape the road. Just remember they’re doing this at up to an average speed of 131.578 MPH (John McGuinness’s current record on a CBR1000RR). >

via @MichaelBanovsky

  • tzed

    Done it.
    But I went a lot faster than all those guys :-)
    I did not get to spray champagne on the podium though :-(

  • http://www.brammofan.com Brammofan

    “They shot the TTXGP bikes in super slow motion but after five minutes of watching one bike move about three feet down the track, I stopped watching.” (There, now there’s nothing left for the electro-haters to say, right?)
    Cool video.

  • mototom

    Beyond amazing….

  • DoctorNine

    The slo-mo really shows the balance of the riders well. Definitely worth a look, especially in high definition. What are you going to use that big plasma tv for anyway? I’m bullish on the dvd…

  • pdub

    wow. Proof positive those TT racers are clinking brass when they walk.

  • klaud

    Crazy. The riders are awesome, but watching superbike tires perform in slow motion is just baffling. So much force, so little area!

  • VeloceDucati

    It’s insane!!!