2010 Ducati Stradaperta: photos leak of finished bike

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2010_Ducati_Stradaperta_leak_2.jpgIt looks like this is the production-ready 2010 Ducati Stradaperta, Italy’s answer to the KTM 990 SMT and the Triumph Tiger. A tall road bike (or an adventure tourer that can’t go off-road, whichever floats your boat), the Stradaperta uses the liquid-cooled v-twin from Bologna’s superbike range, but it’s not currently clear if that’s the 1099cc unit from the Ducati Streetfighter, the 1198cc motor from the Ducati 1198 or something with a little twist on that theme. Another picture below.
2010_Ducati_Stradaperta_leak_1.jpgThe most noticeable styling element on this bike are the all-in-one
dirt-style mudguard/air intakes. Can’t say we’re a huge fan of those or
the otherwise unremarkable looks. We’d take Terblanche’s Multistrada
over this thing any day, but the Stradaperta will likely destroy the
air-cooled bike in a straight line. We dig the abbreviated brush guards
and their integrated indicators, but sadly it looks like this bike loses Hypermotard’s nifty fold-out mirrors in favor of black plastic bar-mounted ones.

Make sure you check out our Ducati tag page for loads of spy photos,
leaked information and other details. The Stradaperta will officially
be unveiled at EICMA in November.

via Stradaperta.info

  • Dunc

    Looks like a proboscis monkey

  • alex

    that is the ugliest thing i have ever seen

  • http://bubblevisor.blogspot.com/ lenny

    looks like a cheap chinese design

  • http://www.bend.gr odysseas

    This is the sort of ugly that you don’t ever get used to and like… what were they thinking about?

  • Boggled

    They’re trying to hard.

  • Ceolwulf

    It’s got a beak!

  • Random

    When you think things just couldn’t get worse…
    They do.

  • http://www.motoflash.ro Paul

    Maybe this way ppl will learn to truly appreciate the beauty of the new VFR :)

  • AndyO

    What were they thinking?
    It makes the Moto guzzi Stelvio look like a beauty queen.
    Throw the air intake bit in the bin and you might have something bordering on average.

  • ryan


    Sexy sexy bike.

    Can’t wait to ride it

  • http://sr500project.blogspot.com/ Anders

    Ducati design revival stops here? Take away the beak and you have a decent looking bike. Agree Multistrada is way cooler.

  • Telekom

    Agreed, it’s uglier than a bag of spanners. I don’t think removing the air intake will help much. Then it will just look like a generic Japanese “pointy” bike. I hate all that pointy stuff, silly lightning zigzags that don’t seem to do anything. I reckon if you were crazy enough to take that thing off-road and damaged the “beak” you’d probably have to shell out £500 minimum to replace it. What’s wrong with a proper mudguard and two holes in the fairing? Ugly ugly ugly.

  • Ben

    i can totally see why i’m in the minority, but i actually kinda like it, from what we can see here.
    what can i say, weird bikes are cool.

  • DoctorNine

    I agree with Telekom. The first time some truck kicks up a stone on a gravel road, the fiberglass beak monstrosity will shatter, and it will cost a ton to fix it This is the equivalent of those crossover/SUV designs in the automotive world, that are too fragile to take off road. I am truly surprised to see Ducati, of all manufacturers, taking this approach.

  • Telekom

    On second look, I see the bike does actually have a normal mudguard. So it looks like the only reason for having a “beak” is to make it look like a GS. Maybe that is the only qualification for taking it off-road – it cosmetically resembles a bike which really CAN be taken off-road. Sad to see Ducati following cosmetic fashions in this way.

  • Jordan

    Falco Lombardi?

  • AceCafeClipOns

    There was a time when bikes used to be sexy… and that time seems to be so far away thanks to 2wheeled objects like this Ducati or the VFR1200F!
    Am I getting (too) old or what? Too much manga and too little soul on today’s design rooms? Does the market really want this awful things (or the Versys’s headlight, by the way)???

  • AceCafeClipOns

    Oh, forgot to say… the Honda CB1000R’s headlight also sucks! And so do the Kawa Z1000′s exhausts!

  • http://www.designronin.com Design Ronin

    …….ummmm…… YUK!


  • Deltablues

    What was that about Italians and Big Noses?

  • CafeRacer1200

    Oh, the things Robert Downey, Jr. could do with a snout like that!

  • DucatiVeloce

    The headlights remind me of a 600RR. I think it’s the angle of the pics. Need more to make a good judgment call on the styling.

  • Tomas Murdych

    It’s interesting that however controversial Terblanche’s design was, especially on the 999, Ducati bikes during that era appeared solid and at the same time, special. Maybe he will be remebered fondly after his departure; the company clearly changed direction; I remember the fantastic dissection of their new logo by the HFL magazine – in retrospect, it was spot-on.

  • steve

    Is it April 1st already?

  • Kidchampion

    Hopefully it will be a success and further lower the resale prices of Multistradas. I would choose a used MTS1000-S over this without question.

  • Isaac

    They should have just used the Hypermotards front guard.

  • Phil H

    We give you the Ducati “iL Corvo”!

  • Chuluun

    It’s one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen. But I’m betting every review you read will talk a lot more about the bike’s engine than its snout. That engine (whichever one it ends up with) should propel it to the top of its class regardless of its looks.

  • Maas

    The new Strada whatever is on the top of my new bike list but that beak is just plain fugly. I think the current Multi is way nicer. Man I miss Terblanche…

    I think Ducati leaked the pics to get consumer input on that schnoz, I bet we will see a shorter version at EICMA

  • carboncanyon

    I’ll give it a while to sink in. There are a lot of bikes that I hated initially but love now. Sometimes a “challenging” design that grows on you is the one you love the most in the end.

    I remember a lot of people calling the Multi “ugly” too. I still think it is.

  • http://www.speedymoto.com Christian

    I agree about the ugly nose beak air intake, maybe it would look more congruent if the front wheel was a larger 19 or 21 inch instead of the small 17.

    More importantly, don’t you need a larger front wheel to make the bike handle better on dirt and gravel?..Or is this just a bigger, heavier, uglier Hypermotard?

  • http://matthewabate.wordpress.com Matthew

    Looks like a multistrada and a hypermotard had an orgy with a streetfighter and the new monster. At least they kept it in the family.

  • Don Tujaka

    Since Ducati is so big on their accessory catalog maybe they could make bolt on parts to turn this into a ST5s. Replace the beak, optional adjustable height windshield, keep that great 1099 motor (de-tuned for low RPM torque) and please provide a “track-only” (wink wink) ECU to stop the overly lean low speed fuel metering. Then go out and kick some FJR / Concourse / VFR1300 butt.

  • taylor

    that beak has got to go, its like the ugly chick before you get the beer goggles, but beer and riding dont mix. i’ll stick w/ the 1198.