2010 MV Agusta F4: more of the same

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2010_MV_Agusta_F4.jpgThis teaser shot shows the finalized nose of the 2010 MV Agusta F4. Basically the same shape as the current F4 (released in 1998), it differs in detail with the diamond headlight now containing LED running lights and a single large projector lamp. The windscreen is now also better integrated with the fairing and tapers to a sharper point at the bottom. The mirrors, too, are slightly changed, now with sharper, more angular edges. Let’s just hope the new F4 isn’t heavier and less powerful than the model it replaces like the 2010 MV Agusta Brutale.

via Motoblog.it 

  • http://www.txsbr.com/ Ben

    Thank god the Audi LEDs are catching on. I don’t know what I’d do without ‘em.

  • CBontheMV

    It’s hard to improve on a 10 year old style that still looks better than most new bikes. I think MV is smart to refine the lines rather than try and rework the styling altogether. It’s certainly worked for Porsche, and we all know what a disaster the 999 was for Ducati as their post Tamburini debut.

    • http://www.motoflash.ro Paul Motoflash

      I have to agree with you on this one. They’re playing on the safe side. Just how safe is it for their business, if people don’t realize it’s a new model? I imagine a conversation between a potential customer and a dealer:

      C: Well, where’s the 2010 model?
      D: It’s right here sir, you are looking at it.
      C: Oh…
      D: You see, it has these new mirrors, and the seat is redesigned, and you see…the tail is restyled a bit, and those LED lights…
      C: Wow…amazing :|

  • David

    Some moto journalist discovered that the bikes are actually slightly lighter and more powerful, but that the new weights and power specifications are honest.

  • http://www.peterlombardi.com Peter Lombardi

    with you on the led’s ben!!! damn those are sexy.

    mv’s have always been about a particular look, it wouldn’t be an mv if it didn’t look like one. ;)

  • http://www.motoflash.ro Paul Motoflash

    I think the intakes below the headlight have also been redesigned. The result might just be very nice.

  • Nguyen

    @Paul: hahah I agree with you on this point!

  • vic

    it’s smart not to change the design too much,it looks so good even today,just update it a bit.just look what they did with the r1 :(

    • vic

      ohh and the only real thing i want to change about the mv is the weight.bring it to around 180 dry(people have been doing it by modding it….just by swapping the arrow stainless exhaust with a ti one saves around 8 kg).probably the engine should be redesigned and also the frame..they are both too strong for what they have to cope with and thus really heavy..that trellis CrMo can sure take a beating.i hope HD still manage to keep that special something,that attention to detail that was typical of mv and what got some people to buy it in the first place,

  • DucatiVeloce

    it looks good… from this angle.