2010 Triumph Rocket III Roadster, the video

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Triumph_Rocket_III_Roadster.jpgA note to Aprilia, Ducati and every other motorcycle manufacturer guilty of releasing over-produced, lame rocking, ultimately boring videos of new motorcycles that actually end up doing the genuinely exciting new products a disservice: just copy Triumph, they probably only spent a couple hundred quid making this one for the Triumph Rocket III Roadster and it’s awesome.  >


  • http://www.selfedge.com kiya

    I just wet my pants.

  • http://www.motohol.com shaun

    It’d be interesting if the damn thing wouldn’t leak oil so much

  • http://weroam.wordpress.com Darek

    I gotta say, that video was damn cool.

  • http://www.motobasturds.com Matt

    I don’t think that was oil, I think that was back tire it was leaking. And if you ride it like the rider in the video you’ll be changing rear tires more often than you change oil.

  • JR

    my God!

    My pants are tight.

  • Peter

    Good Lord! I want that thing! Note to Harley: This is what the Street Rod should have been.

    • Chris Barlow

      Correct Peter. The Rocket Roadster is simply in a world of its own. Harley D must just look at it and weep. And why? Cus they were too complacent. For years they were churning out bikes for retired bank managers and pretending that they were the dogs danglies and they got away with it too – until the Rocket showed them up for the great pretenders that they are.

      Triumph showed them up because they had the sheer bottle to say “Lets push the envelope til it buckles and twists and then we’ll push it some more and see what we end up with” And the Rocket is the end result.

      This is truly an awesome, freakish even, cartoonesque looking machine that looks like it belongs more in the world of The Terminator than on the roads of planet earth. It ain’t for the faint hearted that’s for sure. Well done Triumph for having the sheer balls to think beyond the constraints of “But what if?” in a negative way, and instead embraced the possibilities of “But what if?” in a positive way and produced one mean, snorting, testosterone fuelled monster.

      The possibilities with this bike are endless. It really has redefined bike design and created a category all of its own. Well done Triumph. We salute you.

  • http://twitter.com/greatistheworld will

    Ripe for Akira! Insane.

  • michigan j frog

    A s_ _ t pot full of torque is good. More is better. Too much is just right.

    Well done Triumph.

  • http://www.worldof2.com/ Justin Penney

    I can’t believe that a bike promo video exists that actually has the sound of the bike as part of the video, let alone a FOCAL POINT of the video.

    You’d think manufacturers would catch on to the importance of a bike’s sound based on the prevalence of aftermarket exhaust parts. I’d wager that most people modify their exhausts first for sound and second for performance.

    Great job Triumph for knowing what’s gets motorcyclists excited.

  • robotribe

    Satan lives inside that motor.

    And he’s rightly pissed off.


  • vic

    i love the sound of that engine,some noted in a previous post that it sounds like a tractor but it rumbles fine with me,it’s pretty unique actually,i ve heard one roaring down the street once and it definetly catches one’s attention.you could probably strip a whole lot of weight of that bike if you wanted to,upgrade the engine a bit and man that would handle and ride like no other cruiser would,
    it even looks mad,especially in person,you can’t really grasp the size of that radiator and engine before you see it, but it’s pretty compact for what it is,well except for the gas tank but i guess with that massive engine you kinda need it

    ps:it’s not leaking oil it’s marking his territory

  • Chuluun

    “While sitting on the bike, you’ll also notice that we’ve improved the functionality of the instruments.” Yeah, the test rider REALLY looked like that was EXACTLY what he was thinking…

    Finally something that makes me proud to be British. Fair brought a lump to the throat.

    I think I may give up food until I can afford this.

  • http://ridethetorquecurve.blogspot.com hoyt

    This is very good compared to the other over-produced, over-hyped promos.

    “..upgraded the clutch & shaft drive to cope with the big increase in torque…”

    As if there wasn’t huge amounts of torque in prior models. Has the new torque figure been advertised?

  • http://www.urbanrider.co.uk urban rider

    I’m so proud to be British!

  • http://muthalovin.com the_doctor

    Awesome. A Clock! Sold!

  • http://greatjoballweek.blogspot.com/ Case

    That. Was. F*cking. Awesome.

    Loved how they edited the video to show the rider cut the chicane when they were talking about bike being ‘a bit more supple, over the bumps’.

    Can’t wait to see it in person.

  • http://WillyP.RantThisSpace.com WillyP

    Great vid! As a long time Triumph fan, I was a little embarrassed when this thing came out. Now I am actually starting to like it!

  • Zac

    Hi Guys

    Thanks for all of the great feedback on the Rocket III Roadster film. We shot it last week for Triumph and the awesome riding came courtesy of one Mr Kevin Carmichael – a man who I think could endo that bike on a nickel if he needed to.

    Needless to say, if anyone needs any bikes filming…


    Zac Assemakis
    Dumpling Productions

  • http://apeislandindex.blogspot.com Moldy

    I have seen these on the road and thought they were just a big stupid Brontosaurus of a bike. Whose only purpose was to steal sales from HD.

    This video changed my mind. More accurately the guy riding one of these thing with abandon made me realize how wrong I was.

  • http://www.txsbr.com/ Ben

    Awesome doesn’t cover it. A friend of mine saw the bike in a picture and said, “Yeah, I don’t like how that looks.” The video stunned him.

    “Bookmark it. Do they have wallpapers? How much is it?”

    That’s success.

  • Peter Adam

    What a mad, bad boy that is….. best of British engineering and a thuggish attitude. I want one, NOW!

  • PV

    hubba hubba

  • Sherpa

    I have had one of these for a year and every time I take it out for a run I com home with a grin on my face. It’s hard to believe that a monster like this with so much torque and straight line grunt is also incredibly well balanced so that it corners very effectively.

    I always like turning up to a weekend ride with guys on their rice burners and you can read their faces “what is this cruiser doing coming on a ride with us”. That look doesn’t last long.

    I like what they have done with the roadster, a couple of the options that they have done are what I had planned to do to mine. The only negative I would say about the bike is they could do allot better with the suspension and an extra inch of clearance. though a set of shorter foot pegs may fix that.

    Now I am looking forward to my first track day on her in a couple of weeks.

  • shankx

    for all you blessed by Satan who will buy this, feel the power between your legs.
    This was the best bike video I have ever seen!Move over MT 01, V-Max, V-Rods; you guys are so puny.

  • Papasan

    That was just fantastic!

  • Dan DeMann

    I’ve heard there is a motocross version coming. I can’t wait! Knobbies rule! The Whoopdedooes are calling!

  • california kid

    I initially wanted to buy a pocket rocket. But now i want to go to the moon on a real rocket, the Triumph Rocket III. It is simpy out of this world. What a bike. Good work old chaps.