Alpinestars Bionic Neck Support SB offers cheaper protection

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Alpinestars_Bionic_Neck_Support_SB.jpgWant to add the protection offered by the $680 Alpinestars Bionic Neck Support or similar devices, but been put off by the high price? The Alpinestars Bionic Neck Support SB ditches the pricey carbon construction for a cheaper, heavier plastic design that helps bring the price down to just $290. Like the more expensive alternative, the SB works by controlling the amount of flex and compression your neck experiences during an impact. Like a helmet, it breaks so your bones don’t, which makes the lower price look doubly good.

via Motostrano

  • PeteP

    There should be a real effort to get the price of this protection down below $100. They should be mandatory for Motocross racing.

    • vic

      once they get popular they will.oh and more comfortable and less of an eye sore they will be good for the street

  • Bronson

    I’m seriously considering something like this for my motard adventures on and off the street. ATGATT!

  • vic

    maybe someone will figure out how to integrate something like this(although in a slim down version) in a jacket..the neck area is one of most prone to serious accidents and unless you wear a neck brace is totally unprotected.suits with a lot of padding and the new gen of gloves that protect the wrist are all fine but a broken wrist is one thing..spending the rest of your(hopefully short) life paralised from the neck down is a faith worse than death

  • Jason

    Check out the 661 Droid. It’s a chest protector/neck brace combo, very sick. But I think I will be going with the A-stars one!