Are you a mod or a rocker?

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Mod_or_Rocker.jpgFrom the 19 December, 1963 edition of Motor Cycle magazine: Sitting on the fence is out these days; if you’re under 25 you must be either a mod (add “ernist” when consulting a dictionary) or a rocker.

Perhaps you haven’t decided where your allegiance lies. Or, maybe, you don’t belog to either camp. In that case you are a fogey, old or otherwise.

Here, then, is everyman’s guide to mods, rockers and mids (they are neither one thing nor the other — a bit of a mixture). All you have to do is to decide which of the answers, (a, b or c) is most applicable to you. The handy reference chart at the foot of the page will tell you in a flash whether you are a with it, near it or past it.

Questions below.
1. Do you (a) ride a scooter? (b) ride a motor bike? (c) drive a car?
2. When riding do you wear (a) a parka with a fur-trimmed hood? (b) a leather jacket? (c) stormcoat and waders?
3. Is your machine adorned with (a) fox tails? (b) dolphin fairing and dropped bars? (c) legshields?
4. Is your headgear (a) an Andy cap? (b) a space helmet? (c) nothing?
5. Are your trousers (a) pink half-mast, 15in wide? (b)jeans, blue, 12in wide? (c) bags, Oxford, 22in wide?
6. Do you like the Beatles? (a and b) Yes; (c) Who?
7. Do you comb your hair (a) sometimes? (b) often? (c) none to comb?
8. Is your footwear (a) soft creepers, Cuban boots or baseball boots? (b) zip-back riding boots or winkle-pickers? (c) sensible?
9. Is your favourite shirt (a) polka-dot with high tab collar? (b) black? (c) white?
10. Do you drink (a) Coke? (b) coffee? (c) beer?

Score: a=3; b=2; c=1

With it:   
Mod…30 points
Mid…25 points
Rocker…20 points

Without it:    
Fogey…< 20 points

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  • Wes Siler

    I scored 20, Rocker.

  • vic

    guess i’m a hairstyle is helmet hair

  • Keith

    28 – BC,B,B,B,B,AB,B,B,ABC

    Fogey – crap

  • keith

    of course if I could actually read & follow instructions I would’ve scored a 20

  • Matt


    That’s cool, I’d rather be that than have a Lambretta with fourteen mirrors.

  • jon

    20. Rock on.

  • Stacy

    Man, even in the 60s I’d be terribly uncool.

    Though I must take umbrage at the suggestion that beer is a drink for fogeys.

    • Larry

      Don’t forget that a fundamental aspect of the Rocker mindset was that they were opposed to drugs and alcohol because it impaired their ability to ride a bike, race from cafe to cafe and generally be hooligans.

      • john reed

        I rode with a lot of rockers in the London to Oxford area in the 60′s,and we must have missed the memo about no beer and drugs

        • Larry

          Heh, fair enough John. Mostly trying to find the justification for the Coke/Coffee/Beer question.

  • Sasha Pave

    How bout someone who has 2 motorcycles AND a vintage Vespa in the garage?

    • Wes Siler


  • Feds

    I’m to hip for your conformo magazine article, man.

  • CMC

    20, rock on.

  • http://Http:// Skadamo

    I have no idea what any of the footwear in number 8 look like. I’m can’t figure out what I am!

  • JWinter

    As Ringo said: “I’m a mocker.”

  • Cynic

    Rocker… Not too surprising, I think this site is more rocker =)

  • AceCafeClipOns

    Everything is much clear for me after this…
    I’m half a modernist-rocker, half a skinheaded-hellbilly! (this is what happens when you have an old Vespa and dance to Eddie Cochran or when you wear your parka while listening to Hank III… these are crazy times, I guess!)
    oh, by the way… who the hell are The Beatles?


      16, I am a rocker even though I have a genuine 125 scoot. Though I do ride cafes and race motorcycles. Hmmm…

  • Ben Part


  • the_doctor

    Yes! I am a Samantha! I love these quizzes!

  • sam

    Hank III yeeeeowwwwwwwww haha. rockerbilly! and doc martens ftw!

  • Seth Hershey

    A Friend of mine recently commented that “Mods rock scooters while Rockers mod Motorbikes” Can’t we all just get along?

    • Stacy

      GROUP HUG!

  • the_doctor

    Wes and Grant, are you “With it” or “Without it?” Commenters want to know!

    • Grant Ray

      Wes is borderline fogey at 20, while I’m a 23.

  • Hobo Mike

    I would have dressed like a mod but ridden a motorbike (Norvin) between all the PUBS. Happy to be undefinably…American.

  • G-Dub

    24 so not a mid but a bit more then a Rocker… hmmm interesting indeed.

  • Zane

    21… Rocker

  • Syke

    I’m a rocker. Period. Have been since the summer of 1964 (I was 14) and reading about the Brighton bank holiday riots in Time and Newsweek. Didn’t get my first bike until twelve years later, caffed it, of course. Didn’t get my first Triumph until ’80. Caffed it, of course.

    Still have my main cafe racer: ’69 Bonneville, Norman Hyde rearsets, clubman bars. My leather is heavily studded and loaded with 59 Club patches.

    Oh yeah, I’m a Yank. Formerly Western Pennsylvania, now Central Virginia.