Could the Ducati Stradaperta be dirt-capable after all?

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MCN just snapped these shots of a disguised Ducati Stradaperta performing extreme endurance testing on a motocross track, saying, “The bike was getting at least six feet of air over some of the jumps.” Thus far, every indication has been that Ducati’s new liquid-cooled adventure tourer would be heavily road-biased, with an exposed front cylinder and non-knobbly tires.
The thinking has been that since no one would want to be stranded in a
desert, 100 miles from nowhere, by Ducati’s famous reliability, the
Stradaperta would be following in the footsteps of the Multistrada in
its off-road inspiration/on-road limitation and would improve on the
Multistrada’s performance with a liquid-cooled engine of either 1099 or

These photos would seem to prove otherwise, indicating off-road
performance capable of easily rivaling the BMW R1200GS, if not the HP2
Enduro. We suspect something a little more fishy is going on here.
Still unconvinced that the exposed and highly-tuned Italian superbike
engine could ever be suitable for true off-roading, we’re going to go
out on a limb and guess that these shots are another attempt by Ducati
to build hype around the new bike. How did a spy photographer catch
such clear shots at a presumably remote location? How did he/she know
to be there in the first place? In the hands of an expert rider, the
heavy, presumably fragile Stradaperta could be made to lap a motocross
track even if, in the real world, such a feat would be considered
warranty-voiding abuse of the worst possible degree. We still expect
the Stradaperta to be more a rival for the KTM 990 SMT and Triumph
Tiger than the R1200GS and KTM 990 Adventure. One things for sure, it’s
still ugly.

via Motorcycle News

  • the_doctor

    I bet that in a few days, more “spy shots” will come to light in which the Stradaperta is fording some rivers, Dakar-style. Granted, it will all be photoshopped, but still, thats how you sell bikes these days.

  • Blood Falcon


  • DoctorNine

    If you look carefully, you can see that they have SuperChicken’s fiberglass beak covered in a naugahyde mask, just like Batman and Robin.


    Now we know why someone commissioned those Batman leathers the other day. It’s part of the whole ensemble..

  • Anders

    This is the most perfectly composed spy shot I’ve seen for a while. What luck the photographer had!

  • Goggles Pizano

    I have a great love for Ducati, but between the “new monster”, this abomination, and that stupid cruiser they’ve been shopping around. I’m becoming seriously concerned with the direction their heading in. Turning Japanese might be good for their wallets but it’s bad for the brand.

    • CBontheMV

      MV Agusta welcomes you with open arms!

      • Phil H

        Better yet, why not Bimota? And it’s still 100% Italian owned (might or might not be a good thing though)!

  • odysseas

    I agree with anders. These spy photographers are everywhere. That guy just happened to be in the middle of nowhere with his camera set and all of a sudden a ducati stradaperta came by jumping six feet high. Talking about luck… whatever.

    Plus you have to be a 2 meter tall dakar winner with a huge life insurance to do that jump with that bike (and it helps you don’t own it..)

  • AadmanZ`

    Now guys, camera phones these days are very capable and it is a well known fact that testriders on new and still secret bikes at remote locations without any kind of security always keep on riding when they see someone standing on the side of the track aiming a camera at them…. rrrright.

  • Sasha Pave

    Smelly fishy to me. A cell phone wouldn’t have produced such large clear photos.

    Looks like a Duc version of a Triumph Tiger to me.

  • big mick

    You know,
    call me a conspiracy theorist, but I don’t think these were spy photos at all….that nasty man BROUGHT A FRIEND WITH HIM TO TAKE THE PICS and then pretended…didn’t he? wow, those PR people will stop at nothing these days. Gosh.
    Actually I think all these photos prove is that this too-heavy beast isn’t designed for the dirt at all.

  • Russ

    As far as I’m concerned, I love the photos (spy or not). Love it for what it is. Plus, when the “official” photos come out showing a guy crossing rivers; consider it an added warranty. That way when you try it and your bike breaks, you can claim that it was advertised as such. Ka-ching!

  • coho

    I’m sure I could do that on my R1100R…once.