Deus Ex Machina arrives in New York

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The first Deus Ex Machina custom motorcycle has gone on sale in New York. Located at Smith + Butler in Brooklyn, the W650 street tracker is identical to the bike pictured above, with the addition of removable surfboard holders.
Sydney, Australia-based Deus has become known for its back-to-basics,
small-capacity customs that focus on delivering classic kick-start
function over the metal-flake and chrome comic book form of mainstream
customs popularized by such cultural luminaries as Jesse James or the
Teutel family.

The humble W650 has been extensively modified with rebuilt front forks,
a dinky headlight, huge handlebars, WM Racing alloy tank, a flat track
seat unit, an OVER Racing 2-to-1 exhaust, an IKON rear shock, a custom
speedo mount, drilled bevel cover, a filter pod conversion and a
Richard Petty-inspired paint job. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but
the result is transformative. I went and sat on the bike yesterday and
it feels really, really special. We’ll be riding it in the coming

Along with the $19,500 tracker, S+B is also exhibiting part of Dustin Humphrey’s Lovers’ Land photo project.

  • anthony

    First LA and now NY – they are quickly taking over America. Good.

  • Hobo Mike

    I have a w650. 9/11 bummed me out so I went out and bought it. It’s been a great bike. Bullet proof all the way between off-roading in Mexico and NYC traffic. I’ve been thinking about converting into a Scrambler for the past couple of years. Maybe Deus will make it easier. Pricey though.

  • DoubleOhTwo

    Australia’s cultural contribution!

  • Temporary Citizen

    Deus are definitely pricey (I live near their Sydney HQ), but it’s one of those things where if you can afford it, it’s so worth it. Deus bikes are works of art, and riding past their factory/cafe/workshop/store (it’s everything in one) nearly every day, makes me drool into my helmet.

  • skinnywilly

    congrats boys

  • the_doctor

    If you are comparing prices between Dues and their contemporaries like Jesse James or the Teutel family, then the prices are astronomically cheap. I would much rather have a Dues machine over anything the Teutels crap out.

  • Hobo Mike

    Regarding price, I do realize our dollar is now worth crap so that’s a lot of it. And, Deus sells/uses a lot of Japanese (Posh) parts that are pricey to begin with. (But great quality)

  • riderguy

    So happy Deus has come to the USA! japanese motorcycle culture is the shit and nobody does it better that Deus. Lovers Land images are just as good as the company it represents.

  • sigsauer

    This is exactly the type of bike I’ve been looking for. I looked at Mule Motorcycles out of Cali for a hot second, much more expensive and didn’t have the vibe these bikes have.
    When you look at other bikes on the market, then look at what it will cost to upgrade them, these prices are right in line.