Don't worry, the 2010 Honda VFR1200F comes in more than just red

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Red might be the only official 2010 Honda VFR1200F color announced by American Honda, but in England, they’re getting white and silver too. We think the monochromatic silver works best, highlighting the mechanical components over the bulky fairing.

  • Wow

    Slow day in motorcycle news, eh?

    • Downside

      Great day for trolls, eh?

  • Peter Lombardi

    does anyone else see a whole lot of the victory “vision” (aka psycho clown face bike) in there? it’s like the better looking brother… in an ugly family.

  • powermatic

    Just about every element of this design has left me nonplussed. Overall shape, color integration, that godawful exhaust-maybe its one of those ‘you need to see it in real life’ bikes. Though frankly, that rationalization has never really panned out for me. I’ll give the silver and black the ‘best of a bad lot’ award, but in this case case that’s like saying that the corn in your morning dump gives it ‘a nice bit of texture’.